Open Day "Yoga VS Pilates"

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We invite everyone to the open day, which will be held November 9 from 11:00 to 18:00 in "YP Studio - Yoga and Pilates Studios." All guests will be able to get acquainted with both traditional yoga and Pilates systems, as well as with new, modern approaches.

The program includes free group classes in the following areas:
• Classical Hatha Yoga
• Iyengar Traditional Yoga
• Restorative Yoga Therapy (based on Critical Alignment Yoga - critical alignment yoga)
• Thoughtful Australian Yoga Synergy
• Interesting Pilates with a chair and Traditional - with small equipment
• Modern peppy Body Art (Body Art)
• Uplifting Zumba (Zumba)

Throughout the open door day, a private training room will work, where anyone can try out the famous large equipment invented by Joseph Pilates (Cadillac, Reformer, Wunda Chair).

We will give all the guests tea, talk about the studio and give them away at a pleasant discount of -25% in good hands and feet;)

Venue: "YP Studio-Studio Yoga and Pilates"
Lomonosov Ave., 29 building 2
Information and pre-registration for classes: 8 (495) 979-47-44

Watch the video: School Open Day. Mr. Bean Official (February 2020).

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