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Renowned fitness trainer and TV host Denis Semenikhin summed up the results of the Nike + Kinect Training contest. Over the past two months, participants have recorded videos with examples of exercises from the Nike + Kinect Training game, which Denis previously demonstrated exemplary performance. The competition was attended by hundreds of people from Russia, Ukraine and other countries who sent over 300 works. The award ceremony was held as part of a special presentation, which was organized with the support of the Russian Xbox team.

During the event, to which the winners and prize-winners were invited, Denis Semenikhin held a small master class, gave some valuable advice on how best to prepare his body for the summer, and also held an award ceremony. The main prizes - the Xbox 360 console complete with a Kinect sensor - were awarded to Olga Khoreva and Alexei Savinkov. Prizewinners Andrei Cherkashin, Mikhail Bandalak and Marat Pliev received a Nike sports uniform as a gift.

“Until recently, I have not seen a fitness program that can at least partially replace a professional trainer,” said Denis Semenikhin. However, the game Nike + Kinect Training pleasantly surprised me. This is currently the best home workout program. It not only adapts to your physical capabilities, but also gives the player the necessary motivation for further training. "

Nike + Kinect Training is a unique, personalized training program designed specifically for the Xbox 360 console and Kinect sensor. It allows you to perform a variety of physical exercises and achieve visible results without leaving your living room.

It is enough to indicate the parameters of your body, pass a small test and select a task for the next month. After that, Nike + Kinect Training will automatically create a unique training course specifically for you. And to monitor the correctness of the exercises will be your personal virtual trainer. Thanks to the revolutionary capabilities of the Kinect sensor, it will not only determine the correctness of the exercises, but also tell you exactly what to work on.

The developers have already released two add-ons for Nike + Kinect Training, which can be purchased at the Xbox LIVE online store. They are designed specifically so that players can get in good shape in anticipation of the summer holidays and vacations. Moreover, both supplements can be integrated into your current training program, increasing the effectiveness of classes.

Media representatives can get additional information at [email protected] or call (495) 937-3170.

Watch the video: Nike dynamic training (February 2020).

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