Yoga is the way to do everything the way you want.

Yoga - about how to be in perfect balance, in absolute harmony with the universe.

Yoga is not a practice. Not an exercise. Not a technique. The images in the minds of people represent the emasculated, popular form of yoga that these days captures the world. This is a parody of science, endowed with extraordinary grandeur and depth.

The science of yoga that arose on the Indian subcontinent is simply the science of how to be in perfect balance, in absolute harmony, in complete harmony with the universe.

Each of us is affected by many changes taking place in the outside world. But yoga is the science of creating internal situations, just the ones you want. When you set yourself up in such a way, where everything functions perfectly inside you, the best of your abilities will manifest themselves.

You probably noticed that you function better when you are happy. It seems your energy reserves are inexhaustible. You can work without food and sleep. Some little happiness releases a lot of energy and opportunity.

When your body and mind are in a relaxed state, you are also free from annoying diseases. Say you come to the office with a headache. This is not a serious illness. But it is precisely this ripple in the temples that can completely deprive you of your enthusiasm and interest in work - and, possibly, in life itself. A simple headache can turn what is precious to you into a source of annoyance or even suffering. (This also works in the opposite direction. When you annoy your loved ones, they invariably simulate a headache!) But with the practice of yoga, you can maintain your body and mind at the highest level of capabilities and effectiveness.

Nevertheless, yoga is not just a self-help tool that allows you to overcome a headache and achieve greater mental or physical effectiveness. This is all of the above and much more.

Modern science claims that everything that exists is simply energy, manifested in different ways and in different forms. This means that the same energy that rises here in the form of a rock can lie there in the form of dirt, stand in the form of a tree, run in the shape of a dog, or sit reading this book in the shape of you. So, you, in fact, are a bunch of energy, part of the energy system of the Universe. Cosmos is one large living organism. Your life depends on him. You cannot live without peace, because every moment between it and you is a very deep exchange.

Although everything in the universe is one and the same energy, it functions at different levels and in different forms. The same energy appears in one plant to create roses, and in another to create jasmine. From the same material from which people made clay pots, we now produce computers, cars, and even spaceships! This is the same material, we just started using it for higher features.

In fact, natural evolution is a similar phenomenon; the same material on this planet served as the basis for an incredible journey from amoeba to man! The same goes for our inner energies. Yoga is a technology for renewing, activating and restoring these energies for the sake of the highest possibilities. Suddenly your abilities open up and reach a level that you never even knew about. An uncontrollable and limited life turns into a life full of miracles.

But yoga can give much more than well-being at the level of body, mind and energy. Literally, yoga means unity. If you are in yoga, it means that for you everything has become one. This is the essence of this science. It is also her deepest goal.

What kind of union is this? What is combined with what?

Now you call someone "I" and someone else. The concepts of “I” and “others” may refer to groups of people, communities and nations, but be that as it may, all conflicts in the universe are based on them. The whole point of yoga is to lead you to an experience in which neither you nor me exist. Everything is "me" - and everything is "you"! Any process that helps you achieve this unity is yoga.

How can I achieve it?

There are several ways. But let's start from the very beginning - from our ideas about what the individual consists of. If I began to tell you something that you did not know, you would have a choice: to believe me or not to believe. In any case, you would only clarify your assumptions, positive or negative. This will only lead you to bizarre fantasies. But the whole process of yoga is to step by step, step by step to lead you from the known to the unknown. This is one hundred percent empirical science. She does not ask you to take anything on faith. She encourages experimentation at every step.

So let's see what exactly you mean by "I." Now, in your understanding, this “I” consists of your body, mind (including thoughts and emotions) and energies. At present, energy may not be present in your experience, but you know about it on the basis of the conclusion: if the body and mind are functioning, then there must be some kind of energy that gives them such an opportunity. You know these three realities - body, mind, energy - and you can work with them.

Yoga says that we are actually made up of “shells,” or layers; they can be called bodies. There is a medical physiology, and there is a yoga physiology. It leads us from the gross to the most subtle levels of reality. Do you have to believe it? No. But this is a useful point at which to begin our research. Of course, the main area of ​​your work is connected only with those realities that you are familiar with.

The first sheath or layer to which yoga draws attention is the physical body, anna-maya-kosha; more literally "food body". What you call the body today is just food. The body is the product of all the nutrients you have swallowed over the years. That is why it got such a name.

The second layer is mano-maya-kosh or the mental body. Today, doctors talk a lot about psychosomatic diseases: what is happening in the mind affects what is happening in the body. What you call the mind is not just the brain. It is not located in any one part of the human anatomy. Each cell of the body has its own intelligence, therefore there is a mental body, the whole anatomy of the mind.

Everything that happens in the mental body also happens in the physical, and vice versa, everything that happens in the physical body happens in the mental. Each oscillation at the level of the mind entails a certain chemical reaction, and that, in turn, causes changes at the level of the mind.

The physical and mental bodies are connected, like computer hardware and software. Hardware and software together cannot do anything if the computer is not connected to a power source. So, the third layer of “I” is prana-maya-kosha, or the energy body. If you maintain your energy body in perfect balance, there will be no disease in your physical or mental bodies.

Today, there is scientific evidence that the effect of genetic memory on humans is not absolute. Apart from the fundamental aspects of DNA, everything can be changed, including the genetic tendencies of disease susceptibility. Infectious diseases are caused by external organisms, but chronic ones are created by people themselves, day after day. If your energy body is in perfect balance and in good shape, chronic diseases cannot affect the body. I could introduce you to thousands of people who got rid of physical and psychological ailments by performing simple yoga practices. These methods are not aimed at the disease. They are aimed only to bring a certain harmony and vitality to the energy body.

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