Visualization as a way to change reality

Working with the subconscious will help fulfill wishes and attract love.

Do you guess that our subconscious mind can be a real wizard?

The possibilities of the subconscious and its work have not yet been fully explored, but the fact that we use our brain for only a few percent means that our subconscious is fraught with enormous resources.

Visualization is the work with the subconscious. The positive effect of visualization in life has long been scientifically proven. Scientists suggest that our subconscious mind does not distinguish between real events and what we ourselves have invented.

Thought has great potential. This is like a kind of impulse for the subconscious - news about what needs to be realized.

Affirmations and visualization of the desired really work, these are the settings for our subconscious, for which it selects the most effective tools and ways to achieve the desired.

With the help of visualization, you can bring into your life everything you want - a successful career, wealth, health, strong relationships. You can visualize and work with affirmations at any time, but now in the days of the new moon it is an especially favorable time for fulfilling wishes.

If you are single and want to meet your love, then you only need to send a thought to the subconscious, and it can attract the right person into your life. An example of visualization for a strong and harmonious relationship:

  • First, determine how you want to see your partner - what qualities he should have, just imagine how he looks, but do not focus on the exterior. Tell the subconscious of which person you want to meet - kind, generous, romantic, caring.
  • Imagine how your relationship is developing, how your partner cares for you, what emotions you feel, what you feel. Feelings and sensations are very important for successful visualization.
  • If there is a person who you like, imagine how you communicate, how he addresses you on any issue, shows interest in you.
  • If you are in a relationship and would like to improve them, imagine how they develop in the future, remember what you loved this person for. Thank him for his presence in your life and his good qualities.
  • Mentally pronounce the following affirmations: "I am in a happy and harmonious relationship," "our relationship is becoming stronger every day," "I met a person with whom I am happy and loved."

Visualization is a powerful tool for fulfilling wishes. Include affirmations and visualization in the practice of meditation, and you can begin to notice how everything in life begins to change in the direction where your thoughts and attention are directed.

Watch the video: How To Create Your Reality Using Visualization! Law Of Attraction (February 2020).

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