Meditation Leader Survival Plan

The 7 main keys to defeating stress within yourself.

Stresses, depressions - the scourge of modern society. How to survive in a stream of growing problems? Do not go crazy and run nowhere? More and more often we hear around us: “internal emigration”, “cultural flight”, “downshifting”. According to Yitzhak Adizes, a writer and world leading expert in business and public administration, the modern world is rapidly changing. Human growth, as a system of relations with the state, society, business environment is accompanied by the accumulation of personal problems. As a result, striving for success, many leaders lose their families, health, self-control - they start drinking, psychological breakdowns occur. The founder of the art-production studio ART4YOU, owner of the Nesterov Eco-Farm, Pavel Nesterov, Based on his knowledge of Eastern practices, (taijiquan, qigong, yoga) shares his experience on how to cope with negative effects on the body.

1. Disable external threads

“The general steps for overcoming stress are described in many practices. It is necessary to remove external information flows, begin to walk quietly, or stand up, or lie down, or sit down. Start breathing evenly, thinking about what can get you out of a situation of constant twisting. Turn off the phone , forget about the timings. Plan a few "irresponsible" days in life. Of course, it is better if they coincide with the weekend. "

2. Get out of town

“I don’t want to give stupid advice, guys, do it every day. But it’s very important to create optimal conditions for your classes. Even in your own home you will often not be able to give up everything. And a lot of things will interfere: starting from a working TV and ending with households or pets.

Yes, a person who is professionally engaged in oriental practices easily enters into a relaxed, meditative state anywhere. It is very difficult for a beginner to do this. It is important for him to find himself in a certain space that is conducive to reflection, self-contemplation. No wonder that many monasteries, temples, and other occult institutions are being built in remote places. And people go there on purpose — for many kilometers — to achieve a state of solitude. "

3. Improve yourself not only physically

"Those who have been practicing yoga for a long time come to understand: to develop further, it is not enough just to perfect your splits. Rare Buddhist monks sit on splits. It is more useful to think about your essence, the nature of your states, emotions. Reflect!".

4. Find your "refuge"

“Meditators are aware of the concept of“ refuge. ”This is a very well-known Buddhist term. Our refugee has become such a refuge for me and many practitioners. Eco farm in the village of Petrakovo. Here you can achieve a state of retreat. "On the way there, I myself have repeatedly noticed that as you move away from Moscow, the information flows that bring me down literally come to naught."

5. Get rid of thirst

“Each of us is looking for something inside ourselves. We are increasingly listening to our inner voice - this is a global trend. A trip to a secluded place allows us to relax our mind and plunge into ourselves.

In Buddhism, there is another important term - it is called "thirst." Thirst for sensual pleasures (kama-tanha), thirst for existence (bhava-tanha), thirst for nonexistence or annihilation (vibhava-tanha). For some reason, we strive for crazy trips abroad. We spend so much time and energy on them! We are looking for some kind of complex sensations. Our brain constantly wants to feed on information. He "craves" her.

But now more and more people are cutting themselves off from these streams. Because we already have everything in us. "

6. Be a Sheep

“Since I am the leader myself, I always manage the situation around me on an intuitive level. Why is retreat and vipassana so important to me? When you manage, it’s very important to be in a state of solitude to disconnect, it’s useful to be a“ sheep ”.

Once in a monastery or in another secluded place, you begin to live not according to your rhythm, but according to the rhythm proposed by the relevant circumstances. Not you, but the people around you dictate what to do and how. And your brain is relaxing! You do not need to constantly monitor the perimeter. You can disable protection and become a "sheep"! I think this word will not offend anyone in this context.

You get into the stream that controls you, you swim peacefully in it. Here is another tip for you: find yourself in a situation where you are already being controlled - comfortably, with love and without violence. This is the very "refuge" for the brain.

7. Start eating consciously

“The concept of“ conscious food ”has appeared. You need to understand what we eat? Why do we eat? Throw everything into ourselves or give the body medicine and energy? In my opinion, diets are of little use. The main thing is discipline. It’s important to eat, its volume, food culture.

Here everyone should have an individual approach, it is necessary to pass tests to understand what is good for you and what is bad. I myself do not really have discipline, but I am beginning to understand what is affecting me positively and what is negative. From which I feel like sleeping, and from which I am awake, from which I am efficient, and from which I am ill. "

At the Nesterovs eco-farm, guests have at their disposal cozy, heated cottages with all amenities. Vegetables are right from the beds, and in the morning fresh milk. The farm is located 300 meters from the confluence of two rivers - Gorodnya and Medveditsa. Since ancient times, such places have been considered energetically strong. The forces of earth and nature themselves here help to breathe, move, think and meditate. This is good not only for health, but also for restructuring thinking or making the right decisions.

The whole space of the eco-farm was initially focused on seminars, retreats and oriental practices, therefore, it is here that groups of guests who decide to hold a retreat are happy to receive here.

A separate sports hall with an area of ​​50 sq.m. ideal for practicing yoga, wushu, qigong, meditation, cosmoenergy and other types of practices. The countryside provides the comfort and peace that are so necessary for such activities.

A Russian bath, bathing in a river and a pond, walking will help relieve tension in the body and get rid of stress marks. Here you can also practice outdoors, which is especially useful for practicing breathing techniques - an integral part of every wellness system.

Applications are accepted year-round. For organizers of regular races accommodation is free.


Tver region

Rameshkovsky district

Rural settlement of Kiverichi

Village Petrakovo

+7 (926) 246-55-24

8 (985) 997-54-93

[email protected]

Watch the video: Leadership 2018: Marin Oaks Meditation Center (February 2020).

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