Irina Nelson, singer, soloist of the group "Reflex"

"Only after being cleansed morally can one go further and practice asanas and pranayama."

I am a very greedy person for impressions. It was always interesting for me to expand the boundaries of consciousness, to learn to feel the world around us in a new way. Maybe that’s why yoga interested me and I began to look for relevant literature. After reading Arthur Avalon, Swami Sivananda, Swami Narayanananda, I got acquainted with the philosophy of yoga and finally found answers to questions that worried me from childhood: about the meaning of life, about who we are and what we are here for.

Starting to practice, I approached the issue seriously. Yoga has eight steps - this is a kind of pyramid, the foundation of which is laid through the practice of pit and niyama, moral and ethical prescriptions, suggesting a complete purification of the physical body and its energy structure. From this first step I began to study. According to the doctrine, four poisons poison a person’s life: pride, envy, fear and ignorance. Only by cleansing oneself morally can one go further and practice asanas and pranayama.

In my opinion, one who is seriously engaged in breathing practices and meditation may well stop at this stage, because such knowledge provides a tremendous purification of both the physical body and its energy structure. Now I practice more complex Jnana yoga, it develops thinking, helps expand the possibilities of understanding the world. In this practice, much attention is paid to meditation. Unfortunately, due to the crazy rhythm of life and touring, it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to make the practice regular. The fact is that it is better to conduct classes from four to six in the morning - this time is considered the most favorable for meditation: sattva reigns in the atmosphere - a state of harmony. And after a concert in a nightclub, getting up at four in the morning is simply unrealistic. For proper meditation, several conditions must be observed: an energetically cleaned room (for example, fumigated with incense), a rug made of natural fabric, music that relaxes and tunes in the right way. Only in such an environment I concentrate. And after the concert, when there is no time for a full meditation, Shavasana helps me to relax. Lying on the floor, I try to achieve a feeling of absolute weightlessness of the body. When you need to restore strength and calm thoughts, I do a headstand - Shirshasan. This is my favorite asana and one of the most important in yoga. The main effect of it is improved blood circulation in the brain.

Since I began to seriously practice yoga, my diet has changed. The need itself has disappeared a lot, and the number of products acceptable to me has decreased. Food culture is one of the components of practice. Yogis are staunch vegetarians. They believe that plant foods pollute the human body less than animal products, and therefore are most useful. In general, yogis have a rather ascetic attitude towards food: as a rule, they are content with milk, vegetables and fruits. In addition, it is believed that a person whose stomach is full of meat will never be visited by a divine spirit. I have not eaten meat for several years.

When relatives have problems with well-being or have nervous breakdowns, I advise them to do yoga and show them how to perform asanas correctly. Because yoga is, first of all, harmony with the outside world and health for life!

Watch the video: Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace (February 2020).

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