Is it worth combining yoga and fitness?

Answers Vitaly Fedorov, teacher of hatha yoga.

Does yoga go well with fitness and bodybuilding? Of course yes. I believe that yoga alone is not enough for a harmoniously developed body. Muscles should be, they must have strength, as well as reactive qualities. Therefore, sometimes I conduct yoga practices with a focus on the press or on strengthening the arms, especially so that even deeply practicing students can add quality to the muscles and, for example, get closer to the balance on the arms. For this, exercises from the gym are used - without weights with free weight by itself.

There is also such an option: very strong and prominent guys come to the group, with enslaved backs, arms, shoulders. They can do push-ups in a handstand, but cannot bring their hands into the lock behind their backs. With them, with the help of yoga, we work on stretching the pumped muscles. Or we straighten the chest to office workers, in whom it tumbled from the endless sitting at the monitor. Or girls whose leg muscles are blocked from walking in heels.

There are also polar situations where practitioners after surgery are either overweight or simply in such a weak physical shape that it is difficult for them not only to keep Chaturanga Dandasanu, but also it can take a minute or more to get out of a standing position.

In such cases, in order to make the transition to yoga faster and safer, a system of exercises is built using exercises from fitness. They strengthen the muscles and, together with proper nutrition, help to reduce or gain weight, and gradually prepare the practitioner for asanas.

Watch the video: How To Combine Strength Training With Yoga HYBRID YOGA (February 2020).

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