Mindfulness practices that are easy to fit into your day

Simple practices from Ruslan Kleitman, creator of Akhil Yoga.

Stop for 5-10 minutes several times a day. Take a comfortable pose, close your eyes, direct attention to breathing. Just watch. Feel the movement of air through the nasopharynx. Feel the movement of the chest and abdomen.


We are developing skills of concentration. Take a comfortable pose, close your eyes, direct your attention inward. Gently shift attention to the object of concentration.


An anchor can be an object or action that reminds you to stop, feel yourself, feel the fullness of the moment. For example, a pebble put in a pocket. Every time you feel it, make a stop, feel yourself, evaluate the situation. Or, each time passing through a doorway or arch, stop and go through them, taking a step with your right foot.

Observation of everyday processes

For example, when a man shaves, he observes his actions: from which cheek he starts, shaves his upper lip first or lower. It analyzes why such an action scheme has been formed. Or, for example, washing dishes, we follow the algorithm of our actions, reflect on the effectiveness of the program. That is, we bring awareness and remove automatisms, improve the program of action. This can be an entertaining game.

Notice the robot

Catch yourself on reflex activities. For example, when driving a car, follow the reactions when someone cut you, did not give way, you ran into a pothole. What was the reaction? Was it adequate? How to react correctly?

Buffer zone

In a conflict situation with a partner, neighbor, colleague, we pause. We ask if it is possible to stop and return to the discussion of the problem after some time. At least for a minute we stop, we turn our attention to ourselves. Full breath, delay, exhale. We feel ourselves, listen to the beat of our hearts, give ourselves the command to calm down, slow down our breathing.
If you are familiar with pranayama, then full yoga breath or Nadi Shodhana will help you relax and calm down. Calm down, remember how you would like to interact with the world. Friendly, harmonious, soft, collaborating, not dominating. Now evaluate the situation in a new way, putting yourself in the place of the opponent, looking at it from the outside. What is your goal? How important is it? Now you can return to the conversation. Be aware and move softly through life.

Watch the video: Mindfulness - How To Actually Practice Mindfulness & Conquer Your Emotions (February 2020).

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