Ambulance for arrhythmia, high or low pressure

How to cope without medication and calling a doctor: quick solutions to Tibetan medicine.

How to cope without medication and calling a doctor? Here are 3 quick solutions from Tibetan medicine from Dr. Alexei Pilnov. However, remember that the solutions are situational and do not cancel the need to see a doctor if the symptom does not occur for the first time.


Decision: Massage the point in the center of the chest. In the case of arrhythmia, the circulation of Wind energy should be improved by massaging a point in the center of the chest. This is the active point of the heart, a sacred point that is separately highlighted in Tibetan reflexology. It is used in many emergency situations, including arrhythmias. It is located one phalanx of the finger above the solar plexus (pit of the stomach), in the middle of the line drawn between the nipples (for women, determine in the supine position). It is easy to find her - she is very sensitive.

Sometimes use another point, which is located at the base of the nose, under the bony part of the nasal septum. Nutmeg also helps with arrhythmias: chop it and eat it with a glass of warm boiled water, or drink it by dissolving in milk.

High blood pressure

Decision: lower the feet into a basin of hot water. The pressure rises when the renal filtration weakens, so all measures and procedures in this case should be aimed at opening the vessels of the kidneys.

Lowering the soles of the feet, where the reflexogenic points of the kidneys are located on the soles, into a basin of hot water, we carry out stimulation with heat and moisture. The kidneys, moisturizing and warming, pass a much larger amount of blood through themselves, urine filtration is restored, blood pressure drops. Moisture and heat relax vessels spasmodic as a result of a cold attack (which is very common in our climate).

In general, if we talk about the sectoral structure of the body, then the area of ​​the legs, lower back, spine and neck is the area of ​​responsibility of the kidneys. It is most convenient to act on the feet: a comfortable reflexogenic zone, quite remote from the heart, with high sensitivity and a large area. According to the canons of oriental medicine, the farther from the heart, the more intense is the effect on the organ whose reflexogenic zone is used.

Low blood pressure

Decision: drink strong and sweet black tea. In the case of low pressure, strong black tea saves us. The caffeine and alkaloids that are in it act through a system of heart-tonic receptors. Tea increases cardiac output, blood begins to move faster, pressure rises, congestion disappears, and kidney function is restored. At the same time, a person feels a surge of strength and self-confidence.

Tea should be sweet: a sweet taste is a source of easily extracted energy, it nourishes the blood, which means that the heart muscle will be fed as a result of glucose breakdown. In addition, the astringent taste of tea enhances blood flow, which in this case will lead to increased metabolism in the heart muscle and blood vessels.

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