Qigong exercises for effective communication

Qigong works out not only the physical body, but also the psycho-emotional sphere.

We meet in life with different people. Some, in our opinion, are pleasant. The actions of others do not suit us at all, they repel us. How to relate to this? You need to understand that all behaviors have a right to exist - and accept this.

To learn to understand, you need to see the whole variety of people's characters and the variety of their modes of action. Accept that they all have a right to exist. And for effective interaction with different people, you need to understand what exactly a person does, where he goes and how he acts.

When you do an uncomfortable exercise many times, it becomes gradually more convenient and acceptable for the body. So it is in life: if you live the characters of other characters, when meeting uncomfortable people you can understand them - what a person does, what strategy he uses, where and where he is going.

In order for you to experiment, I suggest you try a cycle of 12 qigong exercises. These exercises through living different types of movements will teach you to accept different people and effectively interact with them.

They will help to gain flexibility in life, in the approach to people and to situations. Do these exercises to feel the different movements and how much energy they create. Feel the uniqueness of these energies.

Stay with one character or another. Experience the diversity of people's characters and ways of acting. So you learn to understand and accept them.

The exercise from the first video can be called a “political settlement.” This is a flexible solution, which, on the one hand, does not actively struggle with the situation, on the other hand, does not follow it too much.

The exercise involves a calmer frontal circle. It carries the power of transformation and reflection.

The reflection energy is the most active of all the energies of the frontal circle.

This is the first of twelve exercises. All exercises have three important components that make up the qigong base:

  • breath;
  • walking in a circle;
  • rotation of the joints (in the terminology of qigong - winding silk thread).

In martial arts, including qigong, there are various practices, meditations. I have long been watching how they affect the health and psycho-emotional state of a person. Over 30 years of practice, I came to the conclusion that these three things are the most important. They holistically cover our body, include it comprehensively.

Practice seems simple: we went in a circle, twisted hands, breathed in a certain way. But for the body and psyche, this means a lot.

A completed circle is the completion of a certain symbolic cycle, the ability to bring things to the end. The images that are used are different characters of movements and people. The nature of the movement is a way of influencing the outside world, the situation.

In general, in each circle: frontal, horizontal and vertical, there are 4 behavioral strategies. This video shows only one of the strategies. To be continued.

Watch the video: Partner Qigong for Beginners (February 2020).

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