Fundamentals of the philosophy of yoga. I. Ivanisova

With your permission, I will not discuss the topic “Yoga Philosophy” based on treatises, books of other sages, because these thoughts have already been voiced in the universe. I will expand on the subject of feelings and feelings, on how my body reacted, add a drop of my discovery.

For the first time I got to yoga out of curiosity. In the modern world, it has become fashionable to go to fitness centers to improve or maintain the shape of one’s material existence. Performing asanas in practice, I felt a pleasant stretching of my whole body, even if it was not deeply opened. Opening joints for me was like opening a new book of myself, of course, if you perform as your body is accessible. Synchronized movement with yogic breathing helped to concentrate on practice and greatly reduce the stupid monologue in thoughts. The mind is transported into oblivion for a certain time, freed from worldly things, it is where I am at present. In practice, performing asanas, feeling discomfort and pain in the body, you begin to understand the language of your body. In yoga, there is a fashionable word “asceticism,” which contributes to the realization of the divine being within oneself, a particle of God lives within us, and this is what we need to study to unleash the inner potential. And the most interesting, after performing all the asanas, in the shavasana position, mentally observing your body in a resting position, then you understand that we live in tension and sleep even in tension. It’s terrible that we don’t know how to relax, which contributes to the reaction to external stimuli and leads to poor stress tolerance, uncontrolled energy in the body, depression in the soul, and we attribute all this to mere fatigue, as if it’s normal, or worse, on the weather, but just not ourselves. Therefore, inactive.

The more I perform asanas both in the hall and in the video, I understand that I like it. In this regard, attention is more focused on your body, and at the same time you learn to listen to yourself (pay attention to well-being), attach importance to words, and still control some actions, because it is also a little easier to cope with outbursts of emotions, you try to behave yourself more chaste more restrained. That is, by warming the body, you awaken the mind, and even deeper - the soul. After all, they cluttered their inner world in this technocratic world, forgetting about the most secret and true "I", the Divine essence.

She refused meat even in childhood, but at a conscious age, when I matured, society was able to convince me that meat is good, even for a bird. Currently, I resolutely refused meat, feeling that my body can do without such a protein. I flipped through the usefulness of vegetarianism, I realized that my soul immediately accepted such a concept, felt it on myself as a sign of comfort. But society looks at me like an alien, they call me that, they don’t want to accept me for who I am. To be honest, I always felt not like everyone else. The answer is obvious, this is my choice. Sometimes the right words can make a person look at you from a different angle, because those around me eventually accepted me, and pretty pretty. I learned not to respond and not to respond to their pressure, it is difficult, but just to send wonderful thoughts, which contributed to their excellent mood. After all, having sent them good wishes and words, even mentally, I noticed how their mood actually changed, and people feel this intuitively and feel sympathy for you. Here I discovered one more conclusion: everything in the universe works, just become an observer and feel a pleasant burst of energy. Once I allowed to interrupt my inner voice, but now I got to teacher courses, which makes me look at the whole situation a little differently. I learned differently what karma is, I always thought that this is a bad meaning of the word. After reviewing my whole life, analyzing the course of events in my life, I realized that it turns out that not only my negligent attitude towards myself acted on me, but also the punishment of the universe, and karma too. Everything in life is fair, and we get everything that we deserve, there is no one to be angry with, the meaning of the phrase “change yourself and the world will change around” is now more clearly understood. Moreover, here and now it’s all temporary, so you need to devote more time to studying yourself, you can through yoga. This includes meditation, its own norms of behavior and lifestyle, and life in true harmony of the soul with the body, in harmony with itself and the Almighty, curbing your mind, patience in asanas, which contributes to the development of austerities.

Yet the main goal of yoga, in my opinion, is the achievement of Nirvana. A difficult and very long way of self-development lies towards this goal. Why do we need practice, theory and mentoring teachers who can motivate and direct to achieve the highest levels of knowledge. After all, only personal success is the most precious gift to your students.

Therefore, I will announce the golden words of Milarepa: "If you are going to postpone the practice until tomorrow, you may suddenly find that life has slipped away."

Watch the video: Ashtanga Yoga Foundations - A Guide for Beginners (February 2020).

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