Beginning of the search for the innermost.

Judging by the remnants of the amazing knowledge that has come down to us, which A. A. Gorbovsky reports, the departed civilization was significantly superior to ours. For example, as follows from Ramayana and Mahabharata, the ancients flew in the wonderful machines of vimana and agnihort.

The description of the Universe in a small African tribe of Dagon living in Somalia coincides with modern ideas. The dagons have preserved the memory of representatives of an alien civilization living in the planetary system of the stars of Sirius, very similar in descriptions of various peoples of our planet to demons. Does this not indicate that once the civilization of the Earth, to which the Dagon belonged, made interstellar flights?

In the thirties of our century, the expedition of N.K. Roerich conducted research in the Gobi Desert. And in this now waterless area, she collected very rich material. It was discovered many household items related to the Aryan-Slavic culture. Of the legends that exist here, Roerich N.K. concluded that in this place there was once a flourishing land with a very developed civilization, which died from the use of terrible thermal weapons, apparently obtained with the help of psychic energy.

The existence of ancient civilizations is confirmed by material finds, which are sometimes attributed to the activities of aliens or are declared hoaxes. For example, finds in the mines of Western Europe of a gold chain, an iron parallelepiped, a 20-centimeter nail. Or plastic columns found in coal mines of the USSR, an iron meter cylinder with round splashes of yellow metal. An imprint of the tread of a sandstone boot found in the Gobi Desert, whose age is estimated at 10 million years, as reported by the Soviet writer A. Kazantsev, or a similar imprint in the blocks of limestone in Nevada (USA). A high-voltage porcelain cup overgrown with petrified mollusks, whose age is estimated at 500 thousand years, etc. These few findings so far allow us to conclude that the ancient civilization not only mined coal, had electricity and plastic production, but also that there was not a single developed civilization on Earth.

Based on the information collected on geochronology, the American scientist R. Fairbridge, and after him other scientists, compiled a graph of a possible change in sea level. About 25-30 thousand years ago, thanks to the onset of glaciation of the planet, the level of the oceans dropped to 100 meters. For almost 10,000 years, it slowly increased and about 15,000 years ago it immediately rose 20 meters. Finally, about 7,000 years ago, the ocean level jumped another 6 meters and remains at this mark until now. All three changes in the level of the oceans are associated with environmental and climatic disasters, which are described in myths, traditions and legends of various peoples. The last two climbs are caused by global floods, and the first by a fire cataclysm. This is how the Bible describes the fire cataclysm in “The Revelation of St. John the Evangelist”, after removing the seventh seal, chapter 8 says: “... and there were voices and thunders, and lightnings, and an earthquake ... and there was a hail and fire mixed with blood, and they fell to the ground; and the third part of the trees burned down, and all the green grass burned down ... and as if a big mountain, blazing with fire, fell into the sea ... "

In 1965, the Italian scientist Colossimo summarized the data of all then known archaeological expeditions and ancient written sources and concluded that in the past the Earth was an arena of military operations using nuclear weapons. In the Puranas, in the Mayan Codex of Rio, in the Bible, among the Arvaks, among the Indians of the Chiroki tribe, and among some other peoples, weapons very much like nuclear are described everywhere.Here is how Brahma’s weapon is described in the Ramayana: “A huge and spewing stream of flame, the explosion from it was as bright as 10,000 Suns. The flame, devoid of smoke, diverged in all directions and was intended to kill the whole people. The survivors lose their hair and nails, and the food comes unusable. " Traces of thermal effects were discovered not only by Roerich's expedition in the Gobi Desert, but also in the Middle East, in the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, in Europe (for example, Stonehenge), in Africa, Asia, North and South America. In all those places where deserts, semi-deserts and semi-lifeless spaces are now, 30 thousand years ago a fire broke out, covering almost 70 million square kilometers of the continents (70% of the entire land of the planet).

There is an artificial method for producing coal: wood is heated without oxygen and it is carbonized. Detected surface deposits of coal may indicate that felled wood was then subjected to thermal action, which turned into coal, which then petrified. If the tree is simply petrified without prior thermal exposure, then it is not able to burn, because, due to diffusion, it is impregnated with the surrounding rock. It is estimated that a medium sized mollusk needs 500,000 years for petrification. Therefore, the existence of coal deposits on Earth may indicate that our planet has been subjected to thermal effects more than once.

The ancient biosphere.

The nuclear cataclysm that occurred on Earth had to leave material traces. I began to look for them and found in a completely unexpected place. The plasma of a nuclear fungus reaches a temperature of several million degrees, so the rock in the formed funnels, as tests show, heated to 5 thousand degrees Celsius, melts and turns into a vitreous mass. Such a vitreous substance is found everywhere on Earth and is called "tektites." They are usually brown or black. Some researchers suggest that these are meteorites, although so far no meteorite consisting of tektites has been found. Tektites are of terrestrial origin, they are the very material remnants of a nuclear disaster.

Thus, I proved to myself that the nuclear catastrophe that occurred on Earth is not a hypothesis, not an idle fiction, but a real tragedy that played out 25-30 thousand years ago, after which the nuclear winter, known to science as global glaciation, set in. After this conclusion, I left the topic of perished civilizations and many years passed before I returned to it, but now not from the point of view of material remnants, but from the point of view of the “general plan of the evolution of life” biological law discovered in the last century.

Modern Darwinism, resting on three main principles - heredity, variability and selection, is not able to explain evolution, especially its expediency and orientation. One successful mutation in an individual individual (on which his argumentation is based) cannot lead to the evolution of life, since its distribution to the descendants of the whole species is stretched for many thousands of years. And living conditions change much more often and require immediate adaptation, otherwise the species will die. Therefore, a mutation occurs immediately in the whole species and is caused by those conditions to which the species needs to adapt (adapt). In order to predict further evolution, it is necessary to study not a single individual, but the population and species as a whole with a habitat (biocenosis). Only at this level or even at the level of the biosphere can one find patterns in evolution. This point of view stemmed from the position of V.I.Vernadsky that life changes the chemical composition of the habitat, and the habitat changes life, which again changes the habitat.

Therefore, I tried to deduce evolution from the chemical factors that surround us: the composition of the atmosphere, water, food, oceans - everything that has a chemical effect on living things (and the fact that chemical substances cause mutations was discovered long ago). And here I came across a phenomenon that no one explained. In the ocean, carbon dioxide is 60 times more than in the atmosphere. It would seem that there is nothing special here, but the fact is that its content in river water is the same as in the atmosphere. If we calculate the total amount of carbon dioxide that was released by volcanoes over the past 25,000 years, its content in the ocean would increase by no more than 15% (0.15 times), but not 60 (i.e. 6.000% ) All that remained was to make one assumption: there was a huge fire on Earth and the carbon dioxide that was formed was “washed” into the oceans. Calculations showed that in order to get such an amount of CO2, it is necessary to burn 20,000 times more carbon than it is in our modern biosphere. Of course, I could not believe such a fantastic result, because if all the water stood out from such a huge biosphere, the level of the World Ocean would rise by 70 meters. It was necessary to look for another explanation. But what was my surprise when it suddenly turned out that just the same amount of water is in the polar caps of the poles of the Earth. This amazing coincidence left no doubt that all this water used to flow in the organisms of animals and plants of the deceased biosphere. It turned out that the ancient biosphere in mass was really more than ours by 20,000 times.

That is why on Earth there remained such huge ancient riverbeds, which are tens and hundreds of times larger than modern ones, and in the Gobi desert, grandiose, dried up water systems have been preserved. Now there are no rivers of this size. Along the ancient banks of full-flowing rivers, multi-tier forests grew, in which mastodons, megateria, glyptodonts, saber-toothed tigers, huge cave bears and other giants were found. Even the well-known pig (boar) of that period had the dimensions of a modern rhino. Simple calculations show that at such dimensions of the biosphere, atmospheric pressure should be 8-9 atmospheres. And then another coincidence was discovered. The researchers decided to measure the pressure in the air bubbles that formed in amber - the petrified resin of trees. And it turned out to be equal to 8 atmospheres, and the oxygen content in the air is 28%! Now it became clear why ostriches and penguins suddenly forgot how to fly. Indeed, giant birds can fly only in a dense atmosphere, and when it became discharged, they were forced to move only on the ground. With such a density of the atmosphere, the air element was thoroughly mastered by life, and flight was normal. Everyone flew: those who had wings, and those who did not have them. The Russian word "ballooning" has an ancient origin and meant that in the air at such a density you can swim, as in water. Many people have dreams in which they fly. This is a manifestation of the deep memory of the amazing ability of our ancestors.

The remains of the "former luxury" from the lost biosphere are huge sequoias reaching a height of 70 m, 150 meters of eucalyptus trees, which until recently were widespread throughout the planet (the modern forest has a height of no more than 15-20 meters). Now 70% of the Earth’s territory consists of deserts, semi-deserts and spaces poorly populated by life. It turns out that the biosphere 20,000 times larger than the modern one could be located on our planet (although the Earth can accommodate a significantly larger mass).

Dense air is more heat-conducting, so the subtropical climate spread from the equator to the north and south poles, where there was no ice shell and it was warm. The fact that Antarctica was free of ice was confirmed by the American expedition of Admiral Beyerd in 1946-47, who caught samples of muddy sediments on the ocean floor near Antarctica. Such deposits are evidence that 10-12 thousand years BC (this is the age of these deposits) rivers flowed along Antarctica. Frozen trees found on this continent point to the same thing. On the maps of the 16th century Piri Reis and Orontus Finneus, there is Antarctica, discovered only in the 18th century, and it is depicted free of ice.According to most researchers, these maps are redrawn from ancient sources stored in the Alexandria Library (finally burned in the 7th century AD), and they depict the surface of the Earth, as it was 12,000 years ago.

The high density of the atmosphere allowed people to live high in the mountains, where air pressure was reduced to one atmosphere. Therefore, the lifeless now ancient Indian city of Tiahuanaco, built at an altitude of 5.000 meters, once really could be inhabited. After nuclear explosions that threw air into space, the pressure dropped from eight to one atmosphere on the plain and to 0.3 at an altitude of 5,000 meters, so there is now a lifeless place. The Japanese have a national tradition, they grow trees (oaks, birches, etc.) on the windowsills under the hood with discharged air, which, growing, have the size of grass. Therefore, many trees after the disaster became herbs. And plant giants, ranging in size from 150 to 1,000 meters in height, either completely died out, or reduced size to 15-20 meters. Most of the species of woody plants that used to grow in the mountains began to grow on the plains. The fauna came down from the mountains, since the majority of the mountain inhabitants are ungulates (solid soil directs the evolution of the sole towards hardening, i.e., hooves). Now ungulates are widely represented on the plain, where soft soil could not lead to hardening of the sole.

Another evidence of the power of the ancient biosphere has been preserved on Earth. Of the existing types of soils, the most fertile are considered yellow earth, red earth and black earth. The first two soils are found in the tropics and subtropics, the latter in the middle lane. The usual thickness of the fertile layer is 20 centimeters, sometimes a meter, very rarely a few meters. As our compatriot VV Dokuchaev showed, the soil is a living organism, thanks to which there is a modern biosphere. However, everywhere on Earth, huge deposits of red and yellow clays (less often gray) are found, from which organic debris is washed out by the flood waters. In the past, these clays were red earth and yellow earth. The multi-meter layer of ancient soils once gave strength not only to our heroes, but also to the powerful biosphere, which has completely disappeared by now. In trees, the root length refers to the trunk as 1:20, therefore, with a soil layer thickness of 20-30 meters, which is found in clay deposits, trees could reach 400-1200 meters in height. Accordingly, the fruits of such trees ranged from several tens to several hundred kilograms, and creeping plants such as watermelon, melon, pumpkin - up to several tons. Can you imagine what size flowers they had? The person next to them would feel Thumbelina.

The gigantism of most modern animal species of the past biosphere is confirmed by paleontological findings, even the usual wild boar was the size of a rhino. This period is not ignored by the mythology of various peoples, which tells us about the giants of the past. So, for example, tsunsan in Chinese mythology is a distant mulberry tree, growing on the shores of the West Sea, reached a height of 1000 xuan, had red leaves and fruiting once every 1000 years.

Civilization of asuras (titans).

The Bible told us the legend that there was once a Golden Age on Earth, then the Silver one came, which was replaced by the Bronze Age, which ended with the current Iron Age. We find similar descriptions in Vedic sources, where our time, corresponding to the Iron Age, is called Kali-Yuga. The legends of the American Indians, African and Australian peoples, the Rigveda, the “Puranas” (ancient Aryan written monuments) and other sources report that the demigods “Asuras” (“Ahuras” according to ancient Iranian sources, “Ases” according to German- Scandinavian, and in Greek mythology - "titans").Then they were replaced by the Atlanteans, in parallel with which there were monkeys who conquered the individual peoples of the degenerate Atlanteans. We learned about this not only from the legends of the North American Indians, but also from Vedic sources, according to which even the great enlightened Rama, who brought the Aryans to India, during the conquest of Ceylon, used monkeys in his troops. Finally, after the death of the Atlanteans, a civilization of giants arose. We will call it the Borean civilization. Judging by the message of the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, then perhaps they called themselves that.

Today it is generally accepted that the word "asuras" (inhabitants of the Earth) comes from the ancient Sanskrit word "surah" - "gods" and a negative particle - "a", i.e. "not gods." In the Vedas they are also called "demigods", possessing the magical power of "Maya." But, as E.P. rightly believes Blavatsky, the word "asuras" comes from the Sanskrit "asu" - breathing. According to the Vedas, the first war in heaven, tarakamaya, occurred between the gods and asuras due to the abduction by king Soma (Moon) of the wife of the king of the asuras - Brihaspati, whose name was Tara.

In the ancient biosphere, people were quite tall. Today there is, perhaps, not a single nation that does not have legends about giants. In all the ancient written sources that have come down to us: the Bible, Avesta, Vedas, Edda, Chinese and Tibetan chronicles, etc. - everywhere we come across messages about giants. Even in the Asirian cuneiform clay tablets, the giant Izdubar, who towered above all the other people, is reported like a cedar above a bush. Is it a coincidence? I think that such an abundance of written and oral legends makes us believe that giants lived on earth in antiquity. The Tibetan monk Trump reports that at the next consecration he was taken to an underground monastery, where two bodies of a woman and a man 5 and 6 meters tall were embalmed, respectively. Charles Fort reports on giant skeletons of people that our researchers still do not want to recognize as genuine. From this point of view, "useless" cyclopean structures, for example, menhirs, dolmens, Bealbek's terraces, houses themselves, 20 meter high fortified walls, etc., become clear. It was not a whim, just the growth of ancient people did not allow the construction of smaller structures. In the Afghan village near the city of Kabul, 5 stone figures have survived: one of normal growth, the other 6 meters, the third 18, the fourth 38 meters and the last 54 meters. Local residents are not aware of the origin of these statues and suggest that they are the guards protecting their village. And we know that along with legends about giants, peoples also have myths about titans. From the old Russian epic about Svyatogor we learn that it was the size of a mountain, so Ilya Muromets, whom he put in his pocket, was placed in his palm. The ancient Russian word "bylina" itself comes from the word "byl", i.e. an event already occurred and excluding any fantasies. Ilya Muromets is a historical person. He lived during the time of Prince Vladimir, who baptized Russia. Scientists have recently opened his grave, which is located in Kiev, to study the remains. So, Svyatogor is not fiction, and he had a growth, judging by the epic, about 50 meters. Just such a growth was the whole race of asuras.

Svyatogor spoke Russian, defended the Russian land and was the ancestor of the Russian people. Since most peoples did not have a relationship with giants (titans), the Russians turned out to be almost the only people who received the ancient knowledge of our ancestors from Svyatogor, Usyn, Dobryn and other titans. But, apparently, not with all the titans, relations developed peacefully (in almost all peoples, except the Russians, they did not work out at all). Recall, for example, the famous Pushkin poem "Ruslan and Ludmila", written based on Russian folk tales.Ruslan fought with the “head” of the dozing asura (it was about 6 meters for the asuras), whose body apparently sank into the ground (in the swamp) while he was sleeping.

In our time, it was difficult to exist in an atmosphere discharged for asuras, because, according to a number of physicists, they could crush themselves with their own weight. Although this statement is rather doubtful, based on the goniometry of the human body, with an increase of 50 meters, the weight was 30 tons, the shoulder span was 12 meters, and the body thickness was 5 meters. From the epics of Svyatogor we learn that he basically lay, because it was difficult for him to wear his body. In Russian epics there is no description, as is the case with other peoples, that the Asuras were supposedly cannibals. This was a clear lie, because with their 50-meter height, the titans had a brain weight of almost a ton and simply could not be as primitive as cannibals. But this could very well apply to some types of giants, which arose much later, having a height of only a few meters.

A modern person can quite freely lift half his weight and with some tension his weight. Surely this could be done by asuras. Perhaps they helped a person in the construction of some cyclopean (megalithic) religious buildings, the same Stonehenge in England or the Temple of the "Sun and Dragon" in Brittany (France). Apparently, transportation and scraping of slabs weighing 20 tons, of which some miraculously preserved cyclopean structures were laid, was an ordinary occurrence in ancient times. A number of cyclopean structures preserved on Earth tell us that they were a match for their builders. For example, the Baalbek terrace or the ruins of ancient temples and palaces located in Egypt on the site of the ancient Thebes and called "Karnak". As E.P. writes Blavatsky, "in one of the many halls of the Karnak hypostyle palace, which has one hundred and forty columns, the Notre Dame Cathedral could fit freely without reaching the ceiling and looking like a small decoration in the center of the hall."

The life expectancy of our ancestors was unusually long. According to E.P. Blavatsky (and she refers to the priest of the temple Bel Beroz, author of "History of Cosmogony"), Alapar, the second divine ruler of Babylonia, ruled 10.800 years, and the first ruler Alor - 36.000 years. From these figures it follows that the average age of the asuras reached 50,000 - 100,000 years. If a person was able to live more than a thousand years, then for him it was already indifferent to how much to live. Not only the Bible claims that at first people were immortal. On Earth, perhaps, there is no such people who have not survived legends and stories about immortal people. Similar myths are found among North American and South American Indians, among the peoples of Europe, Africa, even among the aborigines of Australia there are legends about immortality. Such a life span was due to the presence of acurate growth in asuras, i.e. growth that does not stop throughout life (in modern man, it is also caused by certain types of periodic cleansing of the body). Our biologists and gerontologists have long determined that during the period of growth and development of the human or animal organism, senile changes are absent. The formation of human growth ends at the age of 18 and up to 25 years (i.e., over 7 years), a person grows no more than 1.0-1.5 cm. Then we can calculate that, with an excitable growth, a person will grow by 1.000 years by 140-220 cm. Thus, the biblical characters had a height of three to four meters (1.6 + 2.2 = 3.8 m), only because they lived for almost a thousand years. The second Chaldean king, who reigned 10.800 years, had a height: 1.4 x 10.8 + 1.6 = 16 meters, and the first king, reigned 36.000 years, was supposed to have a much larger growth: 1.4 x 36 + 1.6 = 52 meters. Therefore, a 54-meter statue found in a village near Kabul is a natural growth of a disappeared people who perished asuras (titans) civilization.The second statue of 18 meters is the natural growth of the Atlanteans, if we divide this figure by 1.4 meters (an increase in growth over 1,000 years), we get the average age of the Atlanteans: (18 m - 2 m = 16 m): 1.4 m = 10.000 - The civilization of the Atlanteans itself has existed for exactly the same number of years (considering its beginning the moment of the death of the Asuras). The third statue of 6 meters is the growth of pre-biblical characters. It was to this time that the old Russian expression can be attributed: "a sagging in the shoulders." Fathom is an ancient measure equal to almost two meters. Based on the goniometry of the human body with a two-meter shoulder span, a person’s height should be 6 meters (since men’s shoulders and height are correlated as 1: 3). The six-meter statue symbolizes the Borean civilization, which lasted a little more than 4,000 years. And finally, the fourth statue is the growth of people of our last civilization, with a life expectancy of less than 100 years.

A born child is three times less than normal human height. If, after a pressure drop in the atmosphere from eight to one atmosphere, growth degenerated, then we would have to observe the following sequence: from 54 meters, people decreased to 18 meters, from 18 to 6, and from 6 to 2, i.e. all the time, growth was reduced by three times.

Asuras were almost immortal, so they survived to our time. Many of the Slavic names that have come down to us speak of the enormous growth of our ancestors: Gorynya, Vernigora, Vertigor, Svyatogor, Valigor, Validub, Duboder, Vyrvidub, Zapryvoda, etc.

Asurian civilization lasted about five to ten million years, i.e. 100 - 200 generations (for comparison, our civilization exists about 50 generations). This duration was due to the fact that long-lived people are not inclined to "progressive" changes in their lives or in their society. Therefore, their civilization was distinguished by enviable stability and longevity. Indeed, in the “Puranas” it is reported that the duration of Satya (Crete) Yuga is 1.728.000 years (according to the Bible this time corresponds to the Golden Age), the next period of the Treta Yuga lasted 1.296.000 years (in the Bible the Silver Age), Dvapara south - 864.000 years (Bronze Age) and, finally, our time is Kali Yuga (Iron Age), the 432th millennium of which is now ending. In the amount of 4.320.000 years, human civilization already exists.

If the asuras lived for 50-100 thousand years and they had such a huge period of culture, then their civilization should have totaled about one hundred billion people, which corresponds to 30 trillion people of our civilization, but according to EP Blavatsky referring to the “Puranas” - there were only 33 million. It is possible that in the “Puranas” this figure is specially understated in order to hide the scale of the crime. After the death of the asuras, there were only a few tens of thousands of them. Where, then, were their cities located? After all, if humanity had the same population density, all continents would be a continuous city and the forests simply had nowhere to grow. According to Vedic sources, the asuras had three celestial cities: gold, silver and iron, and the rest of the cities they had were underground, i.e. they were not inherent in the ecological cretinism of our civilization, which served as their longevity. That is why no traces of Asurian civilization are found on Earth, there is neither a cultural layer, nor burials, nor a large number of material remains. The whole life of the asuras took place either underground (where cavers still find a lot of interesting things), or in flying cities. On the surface of the Earth there were only temples with sacred groves and totem animals, scientific stations (mainly biological and astrological), cosmodromes like the one that remained in the Nazca desert (South America), orchards and very little land was plowed under arable land, because there were mainly underground gardens, so colorfully described by Chinese legends.

With immersion deep into the Earth, the temperature of the layers increases, so our planet is a free source of thermal and electric energy, which the asuras have successfully used. Of course, they did not live underground in complete darkness. Luminous bacteria, if there are a lot of them, are able to give such a brightness of light that no electrical source will give. The mystery of painting the corridors of the Egyptian pyramids is that soot was not found anywhere, and this indicates that even the Egyptians, whose civilization level was significantly lower than the Asurian one, could receive light either by electricity, or in some other way. The Vedas indicate that the Nagas underground palaces were illuminated by crystals mined from the bowels of the Himalayas.

The disappearance from the biosphere of many plants, primarily cultural ones, subsequently forced the descendants of the Asuras (some ethnic groups from the Atlanteans) to switch to meat-eating, and already during the civilization of the Atlanteans, according to many legends about giants, to cannibalism. Of course, they did not disdain any animals, but people living crowded are always easier to catch than to catch the same number of animals, chasing them throughout the forest.

Traces of a nuclear disaster on Earth.

The listed material finds and historical evidence are not enough to conclude that the catastrophe was nuclear. It was necessary to find traces of radiation. And it turns out that there are a lot of such tracks on Earth.

Firstly, as the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster show, now mutations occur in animals and humans, leading to cyclopism (in cyclops, one eye is located above the bridge of the nose). And we know from the legends of many peoples about the existence of the Cyclopes, with which people had to fight.

The second direction of radioactive mutagenesis is polyplodia - doubling the chromosome set, which leads to gigantism and doubling of some organs: two hearts or two rows of teeth. The remains of giant skeletons with a double row of teeth are periodically found on Earth, as reported by Mikhail Persinger.

The third area of ​​radioactive mutagenesis is Mongoloidity. Currently, the Mongoloid race is the most common on the planet. It includes the Chinese, Mongols, Eskimos, the Urals, South Siberian peoples and the peoples of both Americas. But before the Mongoloids were represented much wider, since they were found in Europe, and in Sumeria, and in Egypt. Subsequently, they were driven out of these places by the Aryan and Semitic peoples. Even in Central Africa, Bushmen and Hottentots live, having black skin, but nevertheless possessing characteristic Mongoloid features. It is noteworthy that the spread of the Mongoloid race correlates with the spread of deserts and semi-deserts on Earth, where once there were the main centers of a dead civilization.

The fourth evidence of radioactive mutagenesis is the birth of freaks in humans and the birth of children with atavism (return to ancestors). It is explained by the fact that deformities after radiation at that time were widespread and were considered normal, therefore this recessive sign sometimes appears in newborns. For example, radiation leads to the six-fingeredness found in Japanese survivors of the American nuclear bombing in Chernobyl's newborns, and such a mutation has survived to this day. If in Europe such people were completely exterminated during the witch hunt, before Russia there were whole villages of six-fingered people before the revolution.

More than 100 funnels with an average size of 2-3 km in diameter have been discovered throughout the planet, however, there are two huge funnels: one with a diameter of 40 km in South America and the second 120 km in South Africa. If they were formed in the Paleozoic era, i.e. 350 million years ago, according to some researchers, there would have been nothing left of them long ago, since wind, volcanic dust, animals and plants increase the thickness of the surface layer of the earth by an average of a meter per hundred years.Therefore, over a million years, a depth of 10 km would be equal to the surface of the earth. And the funnels are still intact, i.e. for 25 thousand years they have reduced their depth by only 250 meters. This allows us to evaluate the strength of a nuclear strike made 25,000 - 35,000 years ago. Taking an average diameter of 100 funnels per 3 km, we get that as a result of the war with the Asuras on Earth, about 5,000 MT of "boson" bombs were detonated. We must not forget that the biosphere of the Earth at that time was 20,000 times larger than the modern one, so it was able to transfer such a huge number of nuclear explosions. Dust and soot obscured the sun, nuclear winter came. Water falling as snow in the zone of poles, where the eternal cold came, was turned off from the biosphere circulation.

Two so-called Venusian calendars were found among the Mayan peoples - one consisted of 240 days, the other of 290 days. Both of these calendars are associated with catastrophes on Earth, which did not change the radius of rotation in orbit, but accelerated the daily rotation of the planet. We know that when the ballerina during rotation presses her hands to the body or raises them above her head, she begins to spin faster. Similarly, on our planet, the redistribution of water from continents to the poles caused an acceleration of the Earth's rotation and a general cooling, since the earth did not have time to warm up. Therefore, in the first case, when the year was 240 days, the duration of the day was 36 hours, and this calendar refers to the period of the existence of the Asuran civilization, in the second calendar (290 days) the duration of the day was 32 hours, and this was the period of Atlantis civilization. The fact that such calendars existed on Earth in antiquity is also confirmed by the experiments of our physiologists: if a person is placed in a dungeon without a clock, he begins to live according to an internal more ancient rhythm, as if in a day of 36 hours.

All these facts prove that there was a nuclear war. According to ours with A.I. The wing calculations given in the collection "Global Problems of the Present", as a result of nuclear explosions and the fires caused by them, should produce 28 times more energy than during the nuclear explosions themselves (calculations were carried out for our biosphere, for the Asurian biosphere this figure is much higher). The spreading solid wall of fire destroyed all living things. Who did not burn, he was choking on carbon monoxide.

People and animals fled to the water to find their death there. The fire raged “for three days and three nights,” and in the end caused widespread nuclear rain - where the bombs did not fall, radiation fell. Here is how the effects of radiation are described in the Rio Codex of the Mayan people: “The arrived dog was without hair and its claws were lost” (a characteristic symptom for radiation sickness). But besides radiation, a nuclear explosion is characterized by another terrible phenomenon. Residents of the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, although they did not see the nuclear fungus (as they were in shelter) and were far from the epicenter of the explosion, nevertheless received light burns of the body. This fact is explained by the fact that the shock wave propagates not only along the earth, but also upwards. Carrying dust and moisture along with it, the shock wave reaches the stratosphere and destroys the ozone screen, which protects the planet from harsh ultraviolet radiation. And the latter, as you know, causes burns to exposed skin. The ejection of air into outer space by nuclear explosions and a decrease in the pressure of the Asurian atmosphere from eight to one atmosphere caused decompression sickness in people. The beginning of the processes of decay changed the gas composition of the atmosphere, the released lethal concentrations of hydrogen sulfide and methane poisoned everyone who survived by a miracle (the latter is still frozen in ice caps of the poles in huge numbers). Oceans, seas and rivers were poisoned by decaying corpses. For all the survivors, hunger began.

People tried to escape from toxic air, radiation and low atmospheric pressure in their underground cities.But the subsequent downpours, and then the earthquakes destroyed everything they had created and drove them back to the surface of the earth. Using a device resembling a laser described in Mahabharat, people hastily built huge underground galleries sometimes more than 100 meters high, thereby trying to create conditions for life there: the necessary pressure, temperature and composition of the air. But the war continued, and even here the enemy overtook them. Researchers suggest that the surviving "pipes" connecting the caves to the earth's surface are of natural origin. In reality, burned with laser weapons, they were made to smoke people who tried to escape from the dungeons from toxic gases and low pressure. These pipes are too round to speak of their natural origin (many such "natural" pipes are found in caves of the Perm Region, including the famous Kungurskaya). Of course, the construction of tunnels began long before the nuclear disaster. Now they have an unsightly appearance and are perceived by us as “caves” of natural origin, but how many would our metro look better if we descended into it some five hundred years later? We could only admire the "game of natural forces."

Laser weapons were used, apparently, not only for smoking people. When the laser beam reached the underground molten layer, magma rushed to the surface of the earth, erupted and caused a powerful earthquake. So volcanoes of artificial origin were born on Earth.

Now it becomes clear why thousands of tunnels have been dug all over the planet, which were discovered in Altai, the Urals, the Tien Shan, the Caucasus, the Sahara, the Gobi, and North and South America. One of these tunnels connects Morocco with Spain. According to Colossimo, this tunnel apparently seems to have penetrated the only species of monkeys of Gibraltar Magota that exists today in Europe, which lives in the vicinity of the exit from the dungeon.

What really happened? According to my calculations made in the work: “The State of the Climate, Biosphere and Civilization after the Use of Nuclear Weapons”, in order to provoke a flood with subsequent sediment-tectonic cycles in modern Earth conditions, it is necessary to detonate 12 Mt of nuclear bombs in the densified zones of life. Due to fires, additional energy is released, which becomes a condition for intensive evaporation of water and intensification of moisture circulation. In order for nuclear winter to begin immediately, bypassing the flood, it is necessary to explode 40 Mt, and in order for the biosphere to die completely, it is necessary to detonate 300 Mt. In this case, air masses will be released into space and the pressure will drop like on Mars - to 0.1 atmosphere. For complete radioactive contamination of the planet when even spiders die, i.e. 900 X-rays (for humans, 70 X-rays are already fatal) - 3020 Mt must be exploded

Carbon dioxide resulting from fires creates a greenhouse effect, i.e. absorbs additional solar energy, which is spent on the evaporation of moisture and strengthening the winds. This causes intense rain and redistribution of water from the oceans to the continents. Water, accumulating in natural depressions, causes stress in the earth's crust, which leads to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The latter, throwing tons of dust into the stratosphere, lower the temperature of the planet (since dust traps the sun's rays). Sedimentary tectonic cycles, i.e. the floods, growing into long winters, went on for many thousands of years, until the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere returned to normal. Winter lasted 20 years (the time of the deposition of dust entering the upper atmosphere, at our same density of the atmosphere, the dust will be deposited for 3 years).

Those who remained in the dungeon gradually lost their sight. Let us again recall the epic about Svyatogor, whose father lived in the dungeon and did not come to the surface, because he was blind.New generations after the asuras rapidly decreased in size to dwarfs, legends about which various peoples abound. By the way, they have survived to this day and have not only black skin, like the pygmies of Africa, but also white: the Guinean menehetes, which mixed with the local population, the Dopa and Hama people, who are a little more than a meter tall and live in Tibet, finally, trolls , gnomes, elves, white-eyed alike, etc., who did not consider it possible to come into contact with Humanity. In parallel with this, there was a gradual wildness of people who had divorced from society, and their transformation into monkeys.

Not far from Sterlitamak, out of the blue, there are two adjacent dunes, consisting of minerals, and underneath are oil lenses. It is possible that these are two graves of asuras (although there are a lot of similar graves of asuras on the territory of the Earth). However, some of the asuras survived BC. In the seventies, the commission on anomalous phenomena, then chaired by F.Yu. Siegel, received reports of the observation of giants, "propping up the clouds," whose step fell down the forests. It is good all the same that the excited local residents were able to correctly identify this phenomenon. Usually, if the phenomenon does not look like anything, people simply do not see it. The growth of the observed creatures did not exceed the 40-story building and in reality was significantly lower than the clouds. But the rest coincides with the descriptions imprinted by Russian epics: the earth buzzing, moaning from heavy steps and the giant's legs falling into the ground. Asuras, who are not dominated by time, have survived to our time, hiding in their huge dungeons, and may well tell us about the past, as did Svyatogor, Gorynya, Dubynia, Usyn and other titans, who are the heroes of Russian epics, unless, of course, we will not try to kill them again.

Regarding the possibility of living underground. This is not so fantastic. According to geologists, there is more water underground than in the entire oceans, and not all of it is in a bound state, i.e. only part of the water is part of minerals and rocks. To date, underground seas, lakes and rivers have been discovered. It has been suggested that the waters of the oceans are associated with the underground water system, and accordingly there is not only a cycle and exchange of water between them, but also the exchange of species. Unfortunately, this area has so far remained completely unexplored. In order for the underground biosphere to be self-sufficient, there must be plants that produce oxygen and decompose carbon dioxide. But the plants, it turns out, can live, grow and bear fruit without lighting, as Tolkien reports in his book The Secret Life of Plants. It is enough to pass a weak electric current of a certain frequency on the ground, and photosynthesis takes place in complete darkness. However, underground life forms do not have to be similar to those on Earth. In places where heat came to the surface from the bowels of the earth, special forms of themed life were found that do not need light. It may well be that they can be not only unicellular, but also multicellular and even reach a very high level of development. Therefore, it is very likely that the underground biosphere is self-sufficient, it contains species similar to plants and species similar to animals, and it lives completely independently of the existing biosphere. If thermal "plants" are not able to live on the surface, just as our plants are not able to live underground, then animals that feed on thermal "plants" are able to eat ordinary ones.

The periodic appearance of the “Mountain Serpents”, or, in modern terms, dinosaurs, is happening all over the planet: remember the Loch Ness Monster, the repeated observation by teams of Soviet atomic boats of floating “dinosaurs”, torpedoed by a German submarine of a 20-meter “plesiosaur”, and etc.- the cases that I. Akimushkin systematized and described tell us that those who live underground sometimes come to the surface to "get caught." A person, having penetrated only 5 km deep into the earth, cannot now say what is being done at depths of 10, 100, 1.000 km. In any case, there the air pressure is more than 8 atmospheres. And perhaps many floating creatures from the time of the Asurian biosphere found their salvation precisely underground. Periodic media reports about dinosaurs appearing either in the oceans, then in the seas, or in lakes are testimonies of creatures penetrating from the dungeon who found refuge there. In the tales of many peoples, descriptions of three underground kingdoms have been preserved: gold, silver and copper, where the hero of the folk narrative successively falls.

The two and three-headedness of the Gorynych Snakes could be due to nuclear mutagenesis, which was hereditarily entrenched and inherited. For example, in the United States in San Francisco, a woman with two heads gave birth to a two-headed baby, i.e. a new race of people has appeared. Russian epics report that the Serpent Gorynych was kept on chains like a dog, and on it the heroes of epics sometimes plowed the earth, like on a horse. Therefore, most likely, three-headed dinosaurs were the main domestic animals of the asuras. It is known that reptiles, which in their development did not go far from dinosaurs, are not amenable to training, however, an increase in the number of goals increased the general intelligence and reduced aggressiveness.

What caused the nuclear conflict? According to the Vedas, asuras, i.e. the inhabitants of the Earth were large and strong, but they were ruined by credulity and good nature. In the battle of the Asuras with the gods described by the Vedas, the latter defeated the Asuras with the help of deception, destroyed their flying cities, and drove them themselves underground and to the bottom of the oceans. The presence of pyramids scattered across the planet (in Egypt, Mexico, Tibet, India), suggests that the culture was unified and the earthlings had no reason for war among themselves. Those whom the Vedas call gods are newcomers and have come from heaven (from outer space). The nuclear conflict was most likely cosmic. But who and where were those whom the Vedas call the gods, and various religions - the forces of Satan?

Who was the second belligerent?

In 1972, the American Mariner station reached Mars and took more than 3,000 images. Of these, 500 were published in print. On one of them, the world saw a dilapidated pyramid, according to experts, with a height of 1.5 km and a sphinx with a human face. But unlike the Egyptian, who is looking in front of himself, the Martian sphinx is looking into the sky. The pictures were with comments - that this is most likely a game of natural forces. The rest of the images were not published by NASA (the American Aeronautics and Space Administration), citing the fact that they should supposedly be "decrypted". More than a dozen years passed and photographs of yet another sphinx and pyramid were published. In the new photographs, it was clearly possible to distinguish between the sphinx, the pyramid and the third structure - the remains of the wall of a rectangular structure. At the sphinx, looking into the sky, a frozen tear rolled out of his eye. The first thought that could come to mind was the war between Mars and the Earth, and those whom the ancients called gods were people who colonized Mars. Judging by the remaining dried up "channels" (in the past rivers), reaching a width of 50-60 km, the biosphere on Mars was no less in size and power than the biosphere of the Earth. This suggested that the Martian colony decided to separate from its metropolis, which was the Earth, just as in the last century America was separated from England, despite the fact that the culture was common.

But this thought had to be discarded. The Sphinx and the pyramid tell us that indeed culture was common, and Mars was indeed colonized by earthlings.But, like Earth, it also underwent a nuclear bombardment and lost its biosphere and atmosphere (the latter today has a pressure of about 0.1 of the Earth’s atmosphere and consists of 99% nitrogen, which can be formed, as Gorky scientist A. Volgin proved, as a result of life organisms). Oxygen on Mars is 0.1%, and carbon dioxide 0.2% (although there are other data). Oxygen was destroyed by a nuclear fire, and carbon dioxide was decomposed by the remaining primitive Martian vegetation, which had a reddish color and annually covered a significant surface during the Martian summer that was well observed with a telescope. The red color is due to the presence of xanthine. Similar plants are found on Earth. As a rule, they grow in places of lack of light and could well be brought by asuras from Mars. Depending on the season, the ratios of oxygen and carbon dioxide vary and the oxygen concentration on the surface in the layer of Martian vegetation can reach several percent. This makes it possible to exist "wild" Martian fauna, which on Mars can have Lilliputian dimensions. People on Mars could not grow more than 6 cm, and dogs and cats, due to low atmospheric pressure, would be comparable in size to flies. It is possible that the asuras who survived the war on Mars were reduced to Martian sizes, in any case, the plot of the tale of the “Little Boy-sleeper”, widespread among many peoples, arose, certainly, not from scratch. In the time of the Atlanteans, who could travel on their vimans not only in the Earth’s atmosphere, but also in space, they could import from Mars the remnants of the Asurian civilization, Boys with a finger, for their fun. The preserved plots of European fairy tales, like kings lodging little people in toy palaces, are still popular among children.

The huge height of the Martian pyramids (1500 meters) allows you to roughly determine the individual sizes of asuras. The average size of the Egyptian pyramids is 60 meters, i.e. 30 times more than a person. Then the average height of the asuras is 50 meters. Almost all peoples have preserved legends about giants, giants and even titans, which, with their growth, should have had a corresponding life span. Among the Greeks, the titans who inhabited the Earth were forced to fight with the gods. The Bible also writes about the giants who inhabited our planet in the past.

A weeping sphinx looking at the sky tells us that it was built after a catastrophe by people (asuras) who escaped death in Martian dungeons. His appearance calls for help to his brothers who have remained on other planets: "We are still alive! Come for us! Help us!" The remnants of the Martian civilization of earthlings may exist even now. The mysterious blue flashes that occur from time to time on its surface are very reminiscent of nuclear explosions. Perhaps the war on Mars is still ongoing.

At the beginning of our century, they talked and argued a lot about the satellites of Mars Phobos and Deimos, it was suggested that they are artificial, and inside they are hollow, because they rotate much faster than other satellites. This idea may well be confirmed. As F.Yu. Siegel in his lectures, 4 satellites also revolve around the Earth, which no country launched, and their orbits are perpendicular to the usually launched satellite orbits. And if all artificial satellites, due to their small orbit, eventually fall to Earth, then these 4 satellites are too far from Earth. Therefore, most likely they were left from past civilizations.

15,000 years ago, history for Mars stopped. The scarcity of the remaining species will not allow the Martian biosphere to bloom for a long time.

The Sphinx is not addressed to those who were at that time on the way to the stars, they could not help. He was turned to the metropolis - a civilization that was on Earth. Thus, the Earth and Mars were on the one hand. Who was the other?

In due time V.I.Vernadsky proved that continents can be formed only due to the presence of the biosphere. There is always a negative balance between the ocean and the continent, i.e. rivers always carry less matter into the oceans than it comes from the oceans. The main force involved in this transfer is not the wind, but living things, primarily birds and fish. If there weren’t this force, according to Vernadsky’s calculations, after 18 million years of continents there would be no Earth. The phenomenon of continentality was discovered on Mars, the Moon and Venus, i.e. there was once a biosphere on these planets. But the Moon, due to its proximity to the Earth, could not resist the Earth and Mars. Firstly, because there was no significant atmosphere, respectively, the biosphere was weak. This follows from the fact that the channels of dried rivers found on the Moon cannot be compared with the size of the rivers of the Earth (especially Mars). Life could only be exported. Such an exporter could be the Earth. Secondly, a thermonuclear strike was also inflicted on the Moon, since the American expedition of Apollo discovered there a glassy, ​​sintering from high temperature soil. By a layer of dust it is possible to determine when a disaster occurred there. Over 1000 years, 3 mm of dust falls to the Earth on the Moon, where the attraction is 6 times less, 0.5 mm should fall out at the same time. Over 30,000 years, 1.5 cm of dust should have accumulated there. Judging by the frames of American astronauts captured on the moon, the layer of dust that they raised during at least is about 1-2 cm. The press reported in the 80s about the observation of distorted structures on it, possibly representing the remains ancient units belonging to the Asurian civilization, creating from the ground, according to American ufologists, a lunar atmosphere. In the area of ​​Stern Crater, on the visible side, even with an amateur telescope, you can see a web of some structures, maybe these are the remains of an ancient city on the moon? Thirdly, everything that happened there was very quickly recognized on Earth. The blow was delivered suddenly and from a distant object, so that neither the Martians nor the Earthlings expected it and did not have time to make a retaliatory strike. Such an object could be Venus.

What do legends say about this event? The “Puranas” describe the “Great Wars in Heaven,” by the ancient Greek author Hesiod, “Wars of the Titans”, the Bible describes the war in Heaven of the armies of Michael against “Dragon - Jupiter" and "Lucifer - Venus". Mongolian peoples: Buryats, Khakasses, Yakuts, Evenks, Tuvans, Altai, etc. tell us about Tsolbona (Solmon) - the master of Venus, who, being in heaven, causes wars on Earth, and if he wants to, he can stop them. Thus, legends confirm that the gods were not from the Earth, and moreover, Venus was one of the places where they were based.

The modern atmosphere of Venus consists of 97% carbon dioxide, about 2% nitrogen and almost 1% water vapor. Its temperature is about 430 degrees Celsius, and the pressure is 90 atmospheres. There was no nuclear bombardment on Venus, because then the atmospheric pressure would be low. The biosphere on Venus died due to a solar prominence, which burned all the oxygen in the atmosphere and vaporized the oceans, and water vapor entered into a chemical compound with the evaporated soil of the planet. The prominence temperature was not lower than 5,000 degrees, at which the evaporation of solids begins, as a result of which the biosphere of Venus burned out. Considering that carbon dioxide appeared as a result of the combustion of the biosphere and oxygen of the Venusian atmosphere, we obtain that the mass of the biosphere was 400,000 times greater than the modern Earth and 20 times greater than the then Earth’s biosphere (times of the Asurian civilization), and the pressure there was about 15 atmospheres. The water observed today in the atmosphere of Venus is the juvenile water newly formed in its bowels. If we assume that similar processes occur in the bowels of the Earth and Venus, then it would take 6,000 years to form 1% of water in the atmosphere of Venus (such an amount has already formed), i.e. the catastrophe on Venus occurred about 6,000 years ago.A curious coincidence: the last flood on Earth occurred almost 6,000 years ago, and to be more precise, about 7,500 years according to the Borean calendar and the sea level, according to geological data, rose by 6 meters. While the solar prominence was moving towards Venus, only a few inhabitants of Venus were able to escape. , only those who hastily evacuated to Earth and the Moon. According to A.S. Famitsin, a researcher of Slavic myths, in Russian tales describes that the outcome of all evil spirits on Earth occurred within 40 days and nights (so many days are needed for the solar prominence to reach Venus). In similar terms, a description of this event exists in almost all European nations. It was to this time that the appearance of the Egyptian god "Bes" (compare with the Russian "demon"), the alien god, should be attributed. Some of the migrants did not take root and died. Others who managed to take root got into the service of the invaders of the Earth and perhaps only one anthropomorphic species mixed with people. The death of the biosphere of Venus was a kind of reckoning of the Venusians for the death of the biosphere of Mars, the Moon and the assassination of the civilization of asuras on Earth.

What made Venusians attack the Earth and its colonies, the Moon and Mars? Venus is closer to the Sun and the processes of evolution there are much more intense. If we recall the law of biology about the “general plan of the structure of life,” we can conclude that life on Mars, Earth, and Venus was not much different from one another. The differences were only in the degree of evolution. On Venus, it was more developed. Today on Earth there are 19 orders of mammals. Based on the work of Nikolai Vavilov, we can conclude that theoretically there can be 343 detachments, each detachment should eventually come to the top of evolution, to a rational mind. In our biosphere, only a squad of primates, to which the human species belongs, has reached the mind. On Venus, however, due to more intensive evolution than on other planets of the Solar system, not only mammals, but also other classes that existed there could reach rationality. The abundance of intelligent creatures that belong to different classes leads to contradictions, and if the level of intelligence is low, then to conflicts and even wars.

When the geographical habitats of animals are separated by natural barriers that prevent animals from entering another zone, then independent, dissimilar intelligent species arise in them. This happened on Venus, where there were many intelligent species, in any case, much more than on Earth. Some of these species decided to colonize the Earth, Mars and the Moon and decided to attack them. The other part, which was an ally of the asuras, was against, but nevertheless, the attack was carried out. According to Vedic sources, as reported above, the reason for the war with the gods was the abduction of the wife of the ruler of the asuras, Tara, although we, of course, all understand that the reason for the wars in the values ​​that govern society is everything else. In this case, the cause of the next war could be the overpopulation of Venus, and possibly Mercury, since, according to astronomers, he recently dropped his shell again. If so, then the earthlings were able to organize a retaliatory strike, which led to the death of the biosphere of Mercury. Although, perhaps, the Venusians did this even before the war with the Asuras. It is possible that the attack on Earth by the Venusians was provoked by civilization not from the solar system. Be that as it may, there are more questions about the causes of the death of the asuras than answers.

Civilization of the conquerors.

Perhaps, there is not a single people on Earth who would not have a myth or a fairy tale about a dragon, who had to give not only domestic animals, but also people. The North American Indians have preserved legends about the invasion of dragon monsters on the earth, which destroyed the civilization of their ancestors.Therefore, those whom the Vedas call the gods-Nagas, most likely, were dragons that flew to us from Venus and colonized the Earth. Remember the serpent-humans depicted in the halls of the Egyptian pyramids and the Serpent from the biblical myth that seduced Eve by the forbidden fruit. Apparently snakesmen and dragons are one and the same. And how many legends have reached us about the battles of heroes and heroes with these monsters? Sanskrit sources call them Nagas - these are the serpent gods living, according to legend, in underground palaces. Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Australia - everywhere people say the same thing, about dragons that they had to fight with, because there was no way to pay an excessive tribute. The Russian word "fight" (compare "dragon") suggests that initially the battles were only with dragons. And it is no coincidence that one of the meanings of a “dragon” is Satan, and the identical sounding of these two words by different peoples speaks not so much about the common origin of cultures, but about a single real history. The description by the Chinese legends of the horned dragon named Lun coincides with the descriptions of the biblical horned Satan. The rule in ancient Greece of an archon named Dragon, known in history for his cruel laws, was specifically provoked by the forces of Satan, since everyone began to think that draconian laws existed only during the aforementioned archon, people immediately forgot about the open slavery of Mankind during the existence of Atlantis.

Apparently, having colonized the Earth, these forces continued to destroy all the remaining asuras and their adherents, but abandoned everything that was not viable and aggressive. They did not touch the Atlanteans, who were going to self-destruction. They were not touched by the monkey civilizations, which, according to the drawings on the stones of Ica, had cruel slavery, as well as those peoples who deified the dragons: Egyptians, Chinese and Africans, one of the first to worship the Moon (dragon), while on Earth Sun worship was widespread everywhere. All this may seem like bad science fiction, as it seems to us that the description in the Old Testament of all kinds of monsters is sometimes fantastic, but in reality the majority of what is written in the Bible is true, although many of the modern Christian theologians consider the facts cited in it an allegory.

Are there traces of “conquering gods" on Earth? Unfortunately, the whole twisted history of Mankind is all the consequences of the conquest of the Earth by the dragon civilization. At first, the forces of Satan did not succeed in subjugating Humanity to themselves, since people adhered to a solar cult and refused to change their faith and language. And only the last 3-4 thousand years they managed to uproot the completely solar cult that our ancestors worshiped and replace it with a "moon cult" or even worse complete unbelief. At the same time, all nations that have completely switched to this cult have already disappeared. It is curious that in the battle of the Asuras with the “gods," as Vishna Purana reports, the latter first lost the battle, and then they turned to Vishnu with the following prayer: ... "Glory to you who are one with the Race of Zmiev, bilingual, ardent, cruel insatiable in pleasures and replete with wealth ... Glory to you ... O Lord, who has neither color, nor extension, not one approved quality "... And Vishnu came to the aid of the gods. Further, the legend is similar to the biblical "On the seduction by Satan (Serpent) of Eve to eat an apple", only here he acts as a seducer of Vishnu, who persuades the asuras to abandon the Vedas and as soon as the asuras did this, the gods immediately defeated them.

Civilization of Atlantes.

The period of the existence of the Atlanteans is probably the strangest time in the history of our planet. Myths of various nations tell us that at that time monkeys reigned, while others claim that after a fiery catastrophe dragons reigned. But everyone is right - this is the time of the greatest variety of types of civilizations on our planet.

In 1902, the eruption of the volcano Mont Pele on the island of Martinique (Antilles) destroyed all life, but life quickly returned to the island. However, now everything was gigantic: vegetation, dogs, cats, turtles, lizards, insects - all became large and continued to grow from generation to generation. A French research station established on the island to study this phenomenon determined that the growth of the animals was caused by radiation from those fossils that were carried by the eruption. The head of the station, Jules Engraver, himself grew by 6 cm, and his assistant, Dr. Ruyen, who was 57 years old, grew by 5.5 cm. The ten-centimeter lizard "lizard" turned into a half-meter killer. The phenomenon of abnormal growth immediately ceased as soon as the object was taken away from Martinique. After the fall of radiation, monsters began to decrease in size. Does this phenomenon explain the renaissance of reptiles known among various peoples under the name of dragons and monsters? When scientists discovered a frozen dragon in Antarctica, they decided that glaciation occurred in the Mesozoic. But it happened 30,000 years ago. Remember the finds of the American expedition of Admiral Beyerd in 1946-47, which was mentioned above. On one of Ica's stones, a dinosaur drawing engraved by two hunters is engraved. This engraving dates back to the Atlantean era, which replaced the Asuran civilization.

People who left the dungeon at first began to gain growth, but due to slight atmospheric pressure, the newly born lost it. The restoration of the destroyed biosphere took up the surviving asuras in the dungeons. They recreated it for at least 5,000 years. Such a huge period was due to the fact that as soon as the biomass of the biosphere increased, for which water from the oceans was used, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the water immediately increased. It was intensively released into the atmosphere, a greenhouse effect arose, and heavy rains began, growing into another flood, which destroyed everything recreated. The era of the Atlanteans, the first civilization in the last 10 million years, began to build its cities on the surface of the Earth. However, not everyone followed her example. The underground city found in North Africa dates back to the era of the Boreans, since the sizes of the rooms are more suitable for their growth. Here is how the English writer and traveler John Wellard describes the system of tunnels under the Sahara in his book "The Lost Worlds of Africa" ​​(In the collection "Secrets of the Millenniums" M., 1995, Around the World): "This system consists of many parallel and intersecting mines, called "vogtaras" here ... Despite the fact that in appearance they look like irrigation tunnels in Persia (which are still used), the construction of the African system is different ... From the inside, the main tunnels are not less than 4.5 meters high and 5 meters wide . Both sides of the main tunnels extend the side of the mine, which connect them to the main underground railway. Many of these remnants of ancient structures are not known, although hundreds of tunnels are still visible. Traces of more than 230 tunnels with a total length of about 2,000 km. "

Atlantis, which existed between Europe and North America, was the first to recover from the blow dealt to the planet and gradually spread its influence over the entire planet. But the terrible external conditions that existed after the nuclear catastrophe gave rise to cruel morality, which persisted even after the restoration of the biosphere and still exists. Atlantes, having adopted draconian morality, broke up into many nationalities, peoples and races. They had no choice but to become conquerors in these conditions. It was at this time that slavery arose. Having conquered almost all continents and partially restored their former power, they, according to Agni Yoga, moved on their vimanas with the speed of thought to anywhere in the world in order to commit their next villainy.The ruthless exploitation of natural resources by the metropolis, which was building more and more cities, gave rise to a lot of environmental problems, which gradually grew into an ecological and climatic catastrophe. At this time, many predictors appear, warning the then Humanity about a possible global cataclysm. But the rulers were deaf to their warnings and, according to Agni Yoga, even the death penalty was introduced for such predictions. And now, according to the testimony of Plato, over the last 9,000 years before Christ, the penultimate Great Flood occurred, which was to happen under these conditions. By the way, do not forget the current situation, when the leaders of a number of countries dismiss such problems. Although it is very likely that the Flood was provoked again by the war of two races, about which he writes, referring to the "Puranas", EP Blavatsky (The Secret Doctrine). In "Agni Yoga" E.I. Roerich reported on this event that the Atlanteans died because they captured the monstrous energy of the crystals.

Ecological and climatic catastrophe.

Our civilization, to some extent, repeats the mistakes made by the Atlanteans. Therefore, it is appropriate to describe in more detail the cataclysm threatening to repeat itself, so that those who suddenly appear to be its witnesses have the opportunity to survive. Coming continental downpours will cause tensions in the earth's crust and earthquakes on all continents, destroy not only human civilization, but also cause irreparable damage to the biosphere. Where is it going to sit in the bunkers! Destruction and fires at chemical plants, explosions and accidents at nuclear power plants and military facilities will make the planet radioactive and change the chemical composition of the atmosphere so that not only humans, but also many species of animals and plants cannot exist. In Russia alone, as a result of the arms race, about 50,000 tons of poisonous substances accumulated, which it is going to eliminate and 120,000 tons of it has already been eliminated, or rather buried. The United States is not going to eliminate its chemical potential of toxic substances, which is not inferior in mass to the potential of Russia. But in order to poison all life on Earth, only 2 tons are enough. And in case of floods and earthquakes, all this will fall into the biosphere.

There is no need to hide from people the truth about what is happening with the atmosphere and ecology of the planet, fears that this information will cause panic are untenable. In conditions of ecological and climatic catastrophe, when hurricane winds and muddy streams of bubbling water will absorb more and more victims, people will not need either bags of food or chests with valuables. And in the flooded plains, in the cities that are destroyed by earthquakes and raging oceans, a person will not be able to find safe shelter. Under these conditions, endurance, strength and knowledge will be the values ​​that move death. In the events awaiting us, individual salvation is useless. What will be expected of those who for some reason can be saved and adapt to new conditions? Without housing, farming, without pets? In a constant struggle with the elements and cold, in completely uncharacteristic climatic conditions for our planet, among disfigured landscapes? Only diseases, mutations, run wild! Therefore, there are only two ways:

prevent an impending catastrophe, or at least reduce its destructive power.

The increase in temperature on the planet occurs as a result of the supply of carbon dioxide of anthropogenic origin (2x10 to the tenth degree) responsible for the greenhouse effect and thermal pollution of the atmosphere (70% of the energy consumed by mankind is dissipated as heat into the surrounding space). Ocean pollution by civilization waste (according to Elizabeth Borgase annually discharges 20 million tons of waste into the oceans) enhances the absorption of solar heat (albedo) by ocean water, and contributes to its heating.The increase in temperature is also due to a decrease in the area of ​​forests that absorb excess CO2. According to Tibor Bokach, by the age of 70, 70% of forests were destroyed, which caused widespread soil erosion. In Europe alone, the wind annually carries 840 million tons of fertile soil to the oceans, in Africa 21 billion tons, the situation is not better in America and Asia. The soil carried away in the form of dust enters the glaciers of the Arctic and Antarctic and causes their melting. In order for the glaciers of the North and South Poles to melt, it is enough to raise, according to Budyko's calculations, the average annual air temperature by 2 degrees. The melting of ice caps that has begun at present is releasing a huge amount of methane frozen in ice (traces of decomposition of the asuras biosphere). According to Soviet glaciologists, three molecules of water have one molecule of methane. Easily reaching the ozone layer, because it is lighter than air, methane intensively destroys it, which increases hard solar radiation and stimulates further melting of the glacier. Therefore, ozone holes are more often observed precisely over Antarctica and mountain glaciers. Spreading to continents, ozone holes cause death, disease and mutations in all living things and lead to large-scale forest fires.

All of these reasons include two positive feedbacks. The first, discovered by Manabe and Wizerold, is caused by the fact that with an increase in absolute humidity, the temperature rises. This leads to an increase in humidity (due to evaporation), which causes an increase in temperature. And the second connection: when the temperature of the ocean rises, carbon dioxide begins to be released from it, which again causes an increase in the temperature of ocean water. If now 10-20% of solar energy is spent on atmospheric turbulence (wind), and the rest is spent on evaporation, then with an increase in ocean temperature, according to observations of the Earth's institute, the energy consumption for turbulence increases by 4-5 times and is compared with the energy for evaporation. In this case, the evaporated water will be carried away by the winds to the continents, where heavy rains will rage, and the conditions for intensive vaporization will constantly remain over the oceans. Under the rays of the sun, the ocean will turn into a "steam boiler." Hurricane winds and torrential rains will wash off the whole soil, 400 mm of rain per month will be enough for this. The amount of precipitation will be twenty times greater and will be about 8 meters per month.

The only way to prevent the impending ecological and climatic catastrophe is to stop deforestation and to stop environmental pollution, especially the oceans. According to our estimates, with A.I. Krylov, since 1987, the Earth’s biosphere has entered a period of instability, which means that any subsequent year for human civilization may be the last.

In the time of the Atlanteans, lingering rains and frequent floods were already used to all. The destruction of forests by civilization and the burning of minerals led to the formation of an excess of carbon dioxide, which the remaining forests could no longer absorb, and as a result of the greenhouse effect, the planet began to warm up.

If more than 5 meters of precipitation falls, an earthquake occurs, since the stresses in the earth's crust cause recrystallization and compaction of the earth's layers (this critical water thickness is taken into account when constructing reservoirs for hydroelectric power stations), as a result of which subsidence of earth layers that are pressured by the water column can occur. During periods of global floods, the descent of entire continents took place. The bottom of the Atlantic Ocean consists of a small layer of granite. The conversion of sandstone to granite is due to overpressure. Sandstone has an almost 1.5 times lower density than granite, therefore, judging by the thickness of the granite layer, the sinking of the land occurred almost a kilometer. A four-kilometer wave arose - it had precisely this height, since Noah's ark was found on Mount Ararat at this very point.This wave went around the whole globe, wiping the city, forest, country from the face of the earth, destroying all life and taking away the soil with it. Humanity was again thrown back into the Stone Age. The restoration of the biosphere lasted for 600 years (soil restoration time). The bulk of the remaining humanity was deprived of the opportunity to engage in agriculture. Agriculture was preserved only in places where the wave blew the soil, mainly in the tropical and subtropical lowlands, for example, the Ferghana Valley, Mezhdurechye, Nile Valley, Ganges, Mississippi, etc. Comparing the calendars of the Indians and Mayans, A.A. Gorbovsky concluded that the disaster lasted 110 years, i.e. the flood (sedimentary tectonic cycle) occurred every three years, alternating in winter, lasting almost three years, and so on 36 times, until the excess carbon dioxide was absorbed by the recovering biosphere.

Borean civilization of the giants.

After the death of the Atlanteans, the era of Borean civilization began, which lasted about 8,000 years.

At an unprecedented height for us, the Boreans had biology, especially selection. At the end of the 80s of our century, French paleontologists discovered in Madagascar the skeleton of an epiornis, an ancient bird approximately twice as large as the tallest modern ostrich. On the foot of a giant bird they found a bronze ring with mysterious signs, i.e. Borean scientists followed the life and migration of birds and animals. Even the Egyptians cultivated a special kind of flax that has not survived until our time, a thread of 200 m long was pulled per 1 kg of this flax. For comparison, modern technologies can stretch a maximum of 60 m of the same amount. We cannot reach the fineness of the Egyptian fiber to so far.

Having adopted all the best from the asuras, the Boreans succeeded in breeding animals. Legends have come down to us about Pegasus - a flying horse (among the Russian Little Humpbacked Horse), a centaur - a creature with a horse's torso and a human head (among the Slavs Polkan, i.e. half-horse), the Sphinx - a man with wings and a lion's torso, and a number of others, considered mythical characters. Most likely, these are creatures that really lived in the recent past. We find their description in almost all peoples of the Earth. All peoples cannot come up with the same thing! Presumably, these creatures were obtained using the recently discovered phenomenon of biological induction. It manifests itself in the fact that the child of an artificially inseminated woman does not look like a father, but like the man with whom the woman lives under one roof. Moreover, the child may resemble the first man of the woman with whom she was, but for some reason married another. It is no coincidence, therefore, that white women and men had black children, although they did not have blacks in the family. Just a woman before that lived with a black man. Likewise, if you keep horses and giant birds together (the last giant bird that fed on cows and has a wingspan of 6 meters was shot in the 18th century), then a horse can have Pegasus (Little Humpbacked Horse).

Another example of the superiority of the ancients over us is their knowledge in astrology. In a number of schools of this ancient science, horoscopes are still calculated taking into account 12 planets (this includes the Moon and the Sun). If the ancient Romans knew only five planets visible with the naked eye: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, then in ancient astrology the recently discovered Uranus, Neptune, Pluto correctly calculated orbits and three more planets that our astronomers then periodically open, then forget about their existence: Proserpine, Volcano, Black Moon. In Austrian astrology, as many as 16 planets are named.

Some simplification of ancient ideas occurred with the loss of knowledge. Facts such as the burial of household items and jewelry with the deceased follow not from the primitivism of the ancients, but from imitation.As we know, the Egyptian pharaohs and the Aztec supreme rulers were embalmed without violating the integrity of their body (as was the case in Tibet and Egypt, where all the insides were taken out through the anus and a thin layer of gold was applied to the body to make a statue). The Tibetan funeral of the Dalayals cannot be attributed to the embalming process. Both Tibetans and Egyptians knew about reincarnation. The Tibetan tradition of creating a kind of chronology of leaders, emphasizing their continuity, is quite understandable. Egyptian tradition does not allow judging so unambiguously and requires reflection. Of the more than two dozen Egyptian pyramids, only three are more than 100 meters in size, and unlike others, they are not painted inside. According to V.I. Avinsky, these three pyramids were intended for some other purpose, but they were used as graves for their pharaohs, although they were built during the time of the Atlanteans. And one cannot disagree with this conclusion. Their gigantic size is due to the fact that the Atlanteans themselves were huge. The pyramids could be used by them to "throw the deceased" of their contemporaries into the future.

In our time, dozens of cases of the discovery in a quarry of immured amphibians, mainly frogs - and even mammals that fell into a stone sack many tens of millions of years ago are already known. As soon as they were released from stone captivity, they came to life. On February 9, 1856, the Illustrated London News reported that in France, when laying a tunnel of an underground railway between Saint-Dizier and Nancy, a huge prehistoric bat with a wingspan of 3 meters 22 centimeters was freed from stone captivity. She let out a few cries and died. Moreover, repeating a natural experiment - having specially walled up a frog for several decades, American scientists were amazed: the frog came to life. That is, in a walled state, organisms can be stored unchanged for many millions of years. The ancients could not know this, their whole embalming process is very similar to the creation of a stone bag, several stone coffins in the shape of a human body were inserted one into another, like a Russian nested doll. Apparently, the pharaohs, who agreed to be transferred to the distant future, were embalmed and provided with everything they needed after revival: household utensils, a set of clothes, jewelry - so that they would not feel the need after awakening among distant descendants. But the descendants did not respond properly to the messages of their ancestors. And moreover, falling into ignorance more and more, they began to put utensils in the grave for all indiscriminately, thinking that they would be useful to them in the next world. The absence of drawings in the three large pyramids tells us that they were most likely destroyed. And before they were placed sarcophagi of volunteers who decided to convey their knowledge to us, and on the sarcophagi was depicted a rite of revival, which the Egyptians of our civilization perceived as a ritual of embalming.

The reason for the death of Borean civilization is still not entirely clear. Recent legends do not describe a serious military conflict or disaster other than the flood. But the Bible sheds some light on this mystery when it describes the pestilence sent to Earth.

Pestilential disaster.

As you know, the Black Sea is inhabited only at 100-200 meters depth, and then there is water poisoned by hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide is usually released as a result of rotting processes, when the remains of animals and plants are carried to the seas and oceans. After the flood, intensive decomposition processes take place in the shelf zone, which make life impossible there, but after a few decades the seas and oceans are cleared. Purification occurs mainly due to the activity of mollusks (if there is no source of the constant release of animal remains into the water). About 7,000 years have passed since the last flood, and the Black Sea has not yet been cleared.The assumption that the hydrogen sulfide zone arose as a result of the formation of the Bosphorus Strait and the mixing of fresh water in the Black Sea, which was supposedly a fresh lake, with the salty waters of the Mediterranean Sea, looks rather unconvincing. The Baltic Sea, for example, is also half fresh, mixed with the salty waters of the Atlantic Ocean, but freshwater fauna and flora and hydrogen sulfide have not yet died there.

Maybe the war took place as a battle of magicians who sent pestilence to entire countries and states? Ancient sources abound with such examples, when the gods called to help scattered enemy troops. For example, in the era of the Roman Empire, the Romans tried to capture the ancient city of Magrip, located near Carthage, but the troops could not even approach the walls of the city, because the Roman soldiers fled in panic. Nothing inexplicable migrations of peoples may well be caused by the curse of the area, after which a person cannot live on it for a very long time. Such areas include all areas of endemic (local) diseases that are not found anywhere else, with an undetected carrier of the disease (the so-called filtered virus) or areas with persistent malformation, for example, homosexuality.

If it were pestilence caused by magicians, then the Black Sea would have long been cleared of the bodies of animals and plants that got there, but it has not been cleared for more than 7,000 years. So there was some other reason. This reason could be a chemical or bacteriological war, which caused a plague of people living in the area between the Dnieper and the Don and in Palestine. It is the chemicals that got into the sea that prevent the marine fauna and flora from clearing the Black Sea. This act was committed suddenly, all life in this area of ​​the Earth perished. The processes of decomposition of the remains, changing the gas composition of the atmosphere, caused the greenhouse effect and led to heavy rains, which grew into a global flood. As a result, the level of the oceans rose by 6 meters and the gases released from the rotting of the corpses were quickly washed by the rains into the oceans (according to geological data, the previous flood raised the sea level by 20 meters). The Sanskrit text "Samhara Sutrathara" refers to the chemical and biological method of warfare. "Samkhara" was a rocket that sprayed chemical and biological substances, leading to the appearance of deformities, and "moss" - a weapon, the defeat of which entailed complete paralysis.

Perhaps the Atlanteans made hostages of their descendants of the Boreans thanks to the arms race. After all, even the accumulation of weapons of mass destruction can result in world tragedy. For example, Americans decommissioned nerve agents were buried in the Atlantic Ocean. Oceans annually due to the processing of soil by marine soil eaters (mainly bacteria and primitive invertebrates) fall by one centimeter. If the wall thickness of the containers is one meter - it is easy to calculate that the soil eaters will corrode the walls of the deadly container in 100 years, and by the age of 50-70 years of the XXI century, Mankind will have the same plague as described in the Bible. Life in the oceans will be destroyed. The poisonous gas composition of the ocean will change the gas composition of the atmosphere, poisoning all living things with hydrogen sulfide, enhancing the greenhouse effect and the planet’s moisture circulation - until the Flood and sedimentary tectonic cycles begin. Maybe the Atlanteans with the help of such containers and destroyed their descendants - the Boreas? But, perhaps, the result of the death of the Atlanteans was some other war using, for example, geophysical weapons? Or maybe the Boreans were destroyed by the same dragon civilization that destroyed the asuras?

Biblical civilization of the winners.

At the end of the last flood, people still had great growth (4-6 meters), and a number of peoples preserved it until our time.Magellan reported on the last such giants; he saw them on Tierra del Fuego during his round-the-world trip. Our ancestors preserved not only growth, but also many of the achievements of their culture. However, that he could not destroy the flood, the forces of Satan were destroyed. In the years of early Christianity, people still knew that the Earth is not flat, as the scholastics taught us, but round and revolves around the Sun, and the Milky Way is a multitude of inhabited worlds. These views were widespread, since they are found in many ancient authors: Aristotle, Anaxagoras, Metrodot. If medieval cities in England, France, Spain, Germany were built without any plan, then 2500 years before the birth of Christ, for example, Mohejo Daro and Harappy, located in what is now Pakistan, were planned no worse than modern Washington or Paris, the streets were straight , there was a water supply and sewage system, the brick from which these cities were built was fireproof.

Central heating using hot water was invented in the 17th century; before that, all of Europe was frozen in the cold seasons. But 4,000 years before, rich Korean houses had spring rooms heated by hot air circulating through pipes under the floor. The ancient Romans had a similar heating system. Information has come down to us that road signs were used in Babylon, and even in ancient Rome there were traffic controllers who set up one-way traffic at rush hour. It is known that in ancient Antioch there was street lighting.

In the museums of Egypt in 1972, many items were found that were found in the sarcophagi of the pyramids, which are models of various gliders, planes, hydroplanes. They are made of wood and preserved in the pyramids due to the dry climate, there are models made of gold. Mapping Antarctica on the map of Piri Reis was carried out during the period when it was free of ice. Its accuracy is such that, according to some cartographers, it is impossible to create it without airplanes.

But the ancient Egyptians could not only fly. According to a number of written sources, it can be concluded that steam chariots were used in ancient Egypt, and Heron, an engineer from Alexandria, created a steam engine that combined the principle of a turbine and a jet engine. In addition, he became famous for the invention of the speedometer. Egyptian medical papyrus from the eleventh dynasty speaks of a certain type of mold that blooms on stagnant water, which was prescribed for the treatment of wounds and open ulcers, i.e. 4,000 years before Fleming, people knew about penicillin. The Chinese emperor Qing-Shi (259-210 BC), according to the descriptions of the chronicles, had a "magic mirror" that could illuminate all the insides in the body and was used to diagnose diseases. The Vikings used a sun stone during their voyages, which changed its color if it was sent to the Sun, even in cloudy weather.

The superiority of the ancients over us can be seen even in the knowledge of the ancient Greeks, which are the remnants of the knowledge of the Boreans. For some reason, we proceed from the a priori conviction that our civilization is higher than ancient Greek. But judging by the miraculously preserved evidence, this belief is not true. Thomas Andrews, in his book We Are Not First (published in the journal We), discovered that computers and robots existed in Ancient Greece. Even in the Middle Ages, the famous magician Albert the Great created a robot-servant who could not do the work of modern robots. Naturally, this robot worked not only on a mechanical principle. Then it was still possible to create such things, since so many nonsense and lies were not inserted in books on magic.Another famous mystery of ancient Greece, what is Greek fire? Many suggestions have been made about its nature, but most researchers agree that this is a flammable substance similar to napalm. It seems that the nature of this fire is much more complicated.

Aristotle's “mistake”, which incorrectly counted the number of legs in a fly, has already become a parable in languages. Instead of six, for some reason he got four. I think he was not mistaken, and the flies at that time really had four legs. But due to the enthusiasm of the Greeks for their fire, which priests, flies and other insects taught to receive, underwent massive nuclear mutations and began to have six limbs. In the same way, six-legged cows, horses and pigs are being born in the area of ​​the Chernobyl disaster. Perhaps the ancient Indian legend of a city located at the foot of the Hindu Kush ridge, in which, according to legend, six-armed people lived, reflects real events that were the consequences of radioactive mutagenesis. The descriptions of the technical achievements of the Greeks did not reach us just because the “caring hand” burned the “unnecessary” books in different countries of the world on time, and when corresponding the books of our wise ancestors, which have to be done every 400-600 years (the book lasts for life) more ignorant descendants often missed strange places.

In the "Tablets of Varihamira" (550 BC), the atomic sizes are indicated, which coincide with the current estimate of the size of the hydrogen atom. In the holy book of Quiche Indians "Popol Vuh" it is reported that man was the forerunner of the monkey. And in ancient Greece, Anaximander wrote that the ancestor of man was a fish that came out of the water.

Hyperboreans, the ancestors of the Greeks, flew on iron birds. The radiation, electricity, and eternal lamps found in the tombs were known not only to the Egyptians, but also to the Greeks. The ancient Aryan people, according to the Mahabharata, about three thousand years ago had a Vimaana vehicle, which allowed them to make flights not only on Earth, but also in space. Although space exploration was a very difficult matter, as the forces of Satan constantly interfered with this. They continue to obstruct and now, in our time, interfering in the affairs of NASA and Baikonur. As mentioned above, our ancestors owned nuclear weapons. Sodom and Gomorrah are not cities of Borean, but of our civilization, i.e. local nuclear wars took place on Earth everywhere some three thousand years ago.

There are especially many descriptions of flights in Chinese chronicles, so during the time of Emperor Shun (2258 - 2208 BC), not only aircraft were known, but also parachutes. The ancient Indian written monument of Ramayana describes the "vimaana" as a two-deck round-shaped aircraft with portholes and a dome. Legends about visiting the moon are described by many peoples, but it is curious, again, to mention in Chinese history the astronaut Hu Ji (2309 BC) from the time of Emperor Yao that during his flight to the moon "he did not perceive the movement of the sun." This is an extremely important statement confirming his story, because in space a person cannot see the movement of the Sun.

And the further we look into the depths of millennia, the more surprisingly we discover the achievements of our civilization. Where have all the ancient achievements inherited by our civilization gone? Over the past 2,000 years, during which Christianity already existed, 11,500 wars occurred. How many then were there in 7.500 years of the existence of our civilization? The forces of Satan have taught people to constantly fight and now many people can be attributed not to the form of "reasonable man", but - "man of war." Every war impoverishes society in terms of culture, science, intelligence and creativity. Take, for example, fascist Germany, which was defeated in World War II.As a result of its defeat, many medical, scientific, and technical developments were forgotten - far from everything fell into the hands of the Allies, but this is a topic for another discussion. A number of human sciences and some of their sections were anathematized: eugenics, serology, anthropology, which the Germans attached particular importance to (modern serology, like anthropology, can, unfortunately, be called only an introduction to science, since German scientists managed to describe 11,000 types people from whom all the rest are obtained).

The main thing that happens after any war is that the history of peoples is erased. And now on Earth there is not a single country, not a single nation, not a single people with an accurate, true chronology. But information on cultural and scientific achievements is erased not only during wars. Throughout the foreseeable history of Mankind, libraries have been constantly destroyed. The famous collection of Pisistratus (VI century BC) in Athens was completely looted, two poems of Homer accidentally survived. In Memphis, the papyrus from the library of the Temple of Pta was completely destroyed. In the city of Pergamum (Kingdom of Pergamum in Asia Minor, II century BC), 200,000 ancient volumes and scrolls were destroyed. The library in Carthage, the Romans razed to the ground, and there were kept half a million ancient books. The same fate befell the Druid library in Bibracht, where the French city of Ati is now located. During the Egyptian campaign, Julius Caesar burned the Alexandria Library, which held seven hundred thousand scrolls, where the list of only one authors with a brief biography was 120 volumes. The Alexandria Library was a university and research institute. Pupils studied mathematics, astronomy, medicine, literature and other subjects there. For these purposes, the library had a chemical laboratory, an astronomical observatory, an anatomical theater for operations and autopsy, as well as a botanical and zoological gardens, where up to 14,000 students studied. Our civilization does not know such phenomena.

Libraries were destroyed in Asia, in 213 BC, the Emperor of China, Qin Shiuhandi, ordered the burning of books throughout China. Books continued to be destroyed in the Middle Ages by the holy Inquisition. They are being destroyed even now: recent fires in the Lenin and Saltykov libraries (which occur there for some reason constantly) took away several thousand ancient books. And how many libraries died with the disappearance of countries and empires about which there are only mentions in legends?

Unfortunately, the history of our civilization, which we conventionally call biblical, is even less known than the history of civilizations of the Asuras, Atlanteans, and Boreas. We have heard about Egypt, the Aryans and Greece, who adopted the lunar cult, successfully planted by the forces of Satan. About the states that adhered to the solar cult that arose on Earth, nothing came to us, except for legends and a few mentions in the annals. Little is known about the European kingdom (Semitic-Aryan peoples), Fomorsky (Finno-Ungor group) and Bulgarian (Slavic-Turkic peoples) kingdoms, which existed long before Egypt. Because they adhered to the solar cult and underwent a particularly thorough destruction. The history of these superstates, like other developed nations, is completely erased from the people's memory. The last country to preserve the cult of the Sun was Russia.

Humanity thinks of itself as a primitive herd, which only in the last three hundred years has something become of itself. But this is not so! Human civilization was widely represented on all continents, and not just in Greece, Egypt and Mesopotamia, which at the time of their "heyday" actually lost almost all their achievements. But long before this “heyday”, our civilization was known not only in our Galaxy, but also far beyond its borders.

Solar cult brought Humanity into space and allowed to establish a connection with other civilizations. According to the Italian researcher-historian Colossimo, in his famous work “The Earth Does Not Know the Time”, south of the Kun Lun mountain range, in the northern region of Tibet, the people of Sing Nu, who arrived there, according to legend, from Persia, lived recently. According to the Tibetan chronicle, this people possessed extraordinary sciences and flew to the stars, where it had its own colonies, connected with the Earth by regular flights. To date, this people has not survived. In 1725, the Christian missionary father Diopark visited the ruins of the capital Sing Nu, where he saw a structure inside of which there were more than 1,000 monoliths lined with silver plates dotted with strange signs, the fifth of which he examined. In addition, Father Diopark saw a stone called by the locals “lunar”, brought from the “Star of the Gods”, which is a mass of unrealistically white color, framed by bas-reliefs with images of unknown animals and flowers. This fact once again confirms the correctness of the conclusion that Mankind still flew to the stars some 3-4 thousand years ago. Even if our civilization had such ups in its development, it is not possible for us to present with our knowledge the level of development of the Borean civilization.

Why did Mankind manage to impose constant wars? Apparently, the founder of the solar dynasty of tsars and he is the ancestor of our race - Vaivasvat, whose name is associated with the beginning of our civilization, and the beginning of a new reckoning (although I could not find the exact date of birth of Vaivasvat, but judging by the calendar that existed in Russia (canceled by our emperor Peter I ) and preserved so far in India, 7503 corresponds to 1996, i.e. Vaivasvata was born 5607 BC), opposed the teachings of our ancestors to new religious trends that came to us from Earth from outer space. Among peoples who have preserved the description of the flood, his name sounds differently, in the Bible he is known as Noah. Perhaps he was trying to simply revive the faith of his ancestors, instead of destroying primarily the egregore created by the conquerors. Because, as long as it exists, no constructions and accomplishments are possible on Earth. Most likely, this delay gave the conquerors a chance and they provoked a flood.

The last religion, called a mockery of the Christian (i.e., saving), since the Savior was crucified, by the very name symbolizes that anyone who tried to save Humanity is crucified. But the crucified is risen. Therefore, our civilization should be called not just biblical (Christian), but also a winner. We must emerge victorious from this situation and we have everything to win.

In the mid-seventies, after reading the work of A. A. Gorbovsky that many thousands of years ago there was a developed civilization that died as a result of the flood, I was literally stunned. Reading and re-reading his book "The Mysteries of the Most Ancient Civilizations", I discovered in it all the new details of the former power of the ancients, although it was unclear how some meteorite, even a giant one that fell into the ocean, could completely destroy the culture of the entire planet. After all, people, in the end, always restore everything that is destroyed and destroyed. Something was wrong here. Maybe, I thought, civilization itself destroyed itself, for example, as a result of a nuclear war ... Indeed, the Bible describes the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah with weapons very reminiscent of nuclear. And, perhaps, nuclear war just caused a worldwide flood. I had a desire to determine if there is a connection between these two formidable phenomena, and if there is one, then the departed civilization really died from nuclear weapons. So the work of Gorbovsky brought me to one of the most serious (and as it later became clear one of the most secret) problems: ecology and nuclear war.

Already at the first acquaintance with the descriptions of the consequences of nuclear explosions, I learned that after the nuclear tests rain showers begin. Although this phenomenon was not explained in the literature in any way, this connection was clearly traced in all tests. This led to the conclusion: with numerous nuclear explosions, torrential rains must inevitably develop into a global flood. Having worked on everything published in the open press on this issue, I found an acceptable explanation for this connection and my study culminated in the State of the Climate, Biosphere and Civilization after the Use of Nuclear Weapons, which was presented in theses of several scientific conferences. Although the conclusions of this work were terrible, except for specialists, it no longer interested anyone.

I was delighted when, for the first time, high-ranking government officials showed interest in my work and was invited to the Diplomatic Academy for a scientific symposium on the global problems of our time. I especially fulfilled the ambitious hopes of a great scientific career after reporting the results of my work in the General Staff of the SA, when the views on nuclear war changed not only among scientists, but also among the military. However, my hopes were not destined to come true. The subsequent strange chain of brutal killings and disappearances of people involved in this problem, not only in our country, and not only in the team of Academician N. Moiseev, but also abroad, forced me to abandon scientific activity and investigate; why is this happening and who is behind it: intelligence, the KGB, ours and foreign governments, the opposition, secret forces? I was tormented by the main question: how dangerous are people who tried to tell Humanity the truth about nuclear war? Without an answer to it, I could not do anything else and continued to search and analyze in all directions, although this was beyond any logic. But I vowed to get to the bottom of the truth.

Of course, it would never have occurred to me that I would find the answers to my questions in the ancient history of our planet. Gathering materials and literature on it, I ended up getting involved in a battle with forces that I had never believed in reality before. I apologize for the possible inaccuracies that are inevitable in this work, since the materials collected on this issue have repeatedly disappeared from me, and I have to write a lot from memory, but I did not come up with anything. Just reality again turned out to be richer than fantasy.

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