Bodhisattva Gerda. Defender of people

Cold and gloom. Snowstorm and evil northerly winds are servants of the Snow Queen herself. And a little desperate girl in the middle of endless ice fields. Cold white ice for thousands of kilometers around. And in the midst of the polar cold, there is only the warm heart of the desperate Gerda. What did she forget here? What is looking for? Where does her brave heart lead? She could stay at home, drink tea with sweet gingerbread cookies and listen to grandmother's tales on cold winter evenings. But is it possible to indulge in serene peace when there far, far away, in the halls of the Snow Queen, Kai bewitches bewitched by evil spells. And who, if not her - Gerda - will be able to awaken him from a painful sleep and stay in the darkness of ignorance? And this spark of compassion for Kai lit up in her heart a fire of stern and implacable determination to go to the North Pole and go along a path full of dangers.

"Gerda" in translation from Scandinavian means "protector of people". And this name was the best fit for a little brave girl who went to the other end of the globe to save the enchanted Kai from the ice captivity. Struck by the kiss of the Snow Queen, he plunged into the darkness of ignorance - he forgot Gerda, and his grandmother, and his home, and psalms, and even roses, beautiful roses began to seem awful and ridiculous to him. As if in some kind of painful dream, a bewitched Kai sat in the halls of the Snow Queen and was packing ice. He admired the mathematical forms of snowflakes and felt neither cold nor homesickness. And who, if not for the little desperate girl, driven by compassion, could save him?

Little Gerda, whose heart was burning with compassion for the deceived and bewitched Kai, turned out to be stronger than the woman who knew how to conjure, and the robbers who had abducted her, and even the Snow Queen herself. The spell of the evil sorceress was destroyed by Gerda's simple sincere tears. And Gerda herself overcame thousands of years of evolution during this short but difficult path. Just as fire and cold temper Damascus steel, so the difficulties on the way to Kai transformed Gerda herself. As a pawn, having passed all the difficulties and dangers on the chessboard, becomes the queen, able to change the course of the game, so little Gerda, having passed all the tests, became stronger and was able to defeat the Snow Queen herself.

Not evil spells, not black magic, but only sincere noble impulses. And even the fierce winds themselves at the entrance to the Snow Queen’s castle obediently subsided, bowing before Gerda in a respectful bow. Everyone stood back in front of the little desperate girl. Driven by noble motives, she was simply doomed to success, because to retreat is to destroy Kai. Not a thirst for fame, not a sense of revenge, not greed and not some simple human affection moved Gerda forward.

For all these are manifestations of a selfish, limited human mind that is doomed to failure. The one who managed to instill in himself a sense of selfless sincere compassion for all living beings, he synchronizes his limited human consciousness with cosmic consciousness. And it becomes limitless. So, capable of any feats. Just as with all its beauty a lotus flower opens over a lot of water with a thousand of its petals, Gerd revealed a thousand noble qualities of a bodhisattva in herself, turning from a little girl into a protector of people. And this blessing is bestowed upon her from above.

Kai is only the first on the list of those whom she is destined to awaken. The bodhisattva path is littered with good deeds, just as a clear night sky is dotted with bright stars. And inspired by the example of Gerda, thousands will embark on this path.

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