Sutra of the Lotus Flower of the Wonderful Dharma. Chapter XVI. [Duration] of life of the Tathagata.

At that time, the Buddha addressed the Bodhisattvas and the entire great congregation: “Good sons! Verily, you must believe the true and true words of the Tathagata and understand them!” And again he turned to the great congregation: “Verily, you must believe and understand the sincere and true words of the Tathagata!” And once again he turned to the great congregation: “Verily, you must believe the true and true words of the Tathagata and understand them!”

At that time, the great assembly of Bodhisattvas made Maitreya its head and, joining hands, turned to the Buddha: "Honored in the Worlds! We only want you to tell us about it. Verily, we will believe the words of the Buddha and perceive them!" And they repeated three times: "We only want you to tell us about this. Verily, we will believe the words of the Buddha and perceive them!"

At this time, the World-Honored One, hearing that the Bodhisattvas made a non-stop request three times, said: “Verily, hear about the hidden and secret divine all-penetrating power of the Tathagata. Gods and people of all worlds, as well as Asuras, all now think:“ This one Buddha Sakyamuni, having left the palace of the Shakiev clan, sat on the Place of Way near the city of Gaya and gained Annutara Samyak Sambodhi. Good sons! Since I really became a Buddha, in fact, innumerable, limitless hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of cats have passed. Imagine that there are five hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, who are singing asamkhya of three thousand great thousandth worlds, and a certain person is grinding them into dust. He goes east, walks five hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, the cats find asamkhya countries and throws one speck of dust. So it follows east, until all the specks of dust have run out. Good sons, what do you think? Is it possible to imagine these worlds, count them, find out their number? "

Bodhisattva Maitreya and everyone else told Buddha together: “World-Honored! These worlds are innumerable, their number is unlimited, they cannot be counted, their power of thought is also not encompassed. None of the“ listening to the voice ”and Pratiekabudd can not imagine and to find out their number. And for us, who are at the stage of avivartika, this is also inaccessible. Revered in the Worlds! Such worlds are innumerable and limitless! "

At this time, the Buddha said to the assembly of great Bodhisattvas: “Good sons! Now I will truly explain everything to you. Imagine that the worlds into which dust particles were thrown and the worlds into which they were not thrown are dust particles and kalpa is one dust particle. Since the time when I became a Buddha, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands passed by, who sing asamkhya kalp. Since then I have been constantly in the Saha world, preaching the Dharma and converting sentient beings. I also led sentient beings and blessed them in hundreds , thousands, tens of thousands, the cats of the Asamkhya land. Good sons! All this time I spoke of myself as the Buddha the Everlasting Lamp and as other Buddhas, and also said that all these Buddhas entered Nirvana. Thus, with the help of a trick, I interpreted this. Good sons! When sentient beings came to me, with the Eye of the Buddha, I comprehended, sharp or dull their "roots" - faiths and others, and in accordance with how close they were to salvation, in different places I called myself by different names and spoke of my life as long and short as well as openly said that I would truly enter Nirvana. In addition, through various tricks, while preaching the Miraculous Dharma, I am able to arouse joyful thoughts in living beings.

Good sons! The Tathagata, seeing that living beings with little virtues and having a lot of dirt on themselves, rejoice in the little Dharma, told these people: "I in my youth" left the house "and found anuttara-samyak-sambodhi." However, in reality, I became a Buddha in very old times. It was only with the help of tricks that I taught and converted living beings so that they would enter the Path of the Buddha, and thus build sermons. Good sons! The sutras that the Tathagata preaches are for the liberation of all living beings. Whether I am talking about myself or others, showing myself or others, showing my own deeds or the deeds of others - all the words that I pronounce are true, not empty. Why? The Tathagata knows and sees the signs of the three worlds as they are. There are no births and no deaths; there is no retreat and no advance; no being and no non-being; there is no existence in this world and also no extinction; no real and no empty; there is none and none is excellent; there are no three worlds as these three worlds see living beings. The Tathagata sees all this clearly, without errors. Since the nature of living beings is different, they have different desires, deeds, thoughts, the Tathagata, wishing to cultivate good "roots" in them, through various reasonings, comparisons and speeches, they preach Dharma in different ways. Acts performed by the Buddha have never been worthless. So, since I became a Buddha, a lot of time has passed. My life lasts countless asamkhya kalpas, I abide in the world forever, do not disappear. Good sons! The life that I have found, initially following the path of the Bodhisattva, has not yet been exhausted. It will last many, many times longer. But now, without actually disappearing, I say that I will truly find extinction. Through this trick, the Tathagata teaches and converts sentient beings. Why? If Buddha for a long time abides in the world, then for people with small virtues who have not grown good "roots", poor and low, attached to five desires, entangled in networks of false thoughts and views and who have seen that the Tathagata abides in the world forever, doesn’t disappear, arrogance appears, laziness engulfs them, they are no longer able to imagine how difficult it is to meet the Buddha and they don’t have thoughts about honoring him. Therefore, the Tathagata, using tricks, preaches: "Bhikkhus! You really must know! It is really difficult to meet Buddhas who have entered the world." Why? For innumerable hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, there are people who have seen the Buddha and people who have not seen among the people with small virtues. Therefore, I say: “Bhikkhus! It is difficult to see the Tathagata!” All living beings who have heard these words will certainly think about the difficulty of meeting with the Buddha, their hearts will be gripped by such a desire, they will honor the Buddha, believe him and cultivate good "roots". Therefore, the Tathagata, although it did not actually disappear, said that it had already disappeared. Good sons! The teachings of the Buddha Tathagat are also like that. All of them are in order to save sentient beings, true, not empty.

Imagine there is a good doctor, wise and experienced, he is skilled in medicine and treats patients well. He has many sons - ten, twenty, or even one hundred. For a number of reasons, he went to a distant country, and then his sons drank a poisonous potion. The poison had an effect, their minds clouded, they fell and rolled on the ground. At this time, the father returned home. Some of the sons who drank poison lost their minds, some did not lose their minds, but still, from afar they saw the approaching father, they were very happy, greeted him, knelt down and said: "It’s good that you returned in good health. We were mistakenly mistaken and drank a poisonous potion. We ask: cure us and grant us life! "

The father saw the suffering of his sons and, following the instructions of the books, found good healing herbs, in which the color, aroma and taste were perfect, he sifted carefully, prepared the mixture and gave it to his sons. He said: “This wonderful medicine has perfect color, aroma and taste. You must drink it and quickly get rid of suffering, the torment will disappear.” Those of the sons who did not lose their mind, saw that the medicine has a beautiful color and aroma, immediately drank it and completely recovered from the disease. Others who lost their minds, although when they saw their father approaching, were delighted and also asked to be cured when he gave the medicine, did not dare to drink it. Why? The poison went deep, they completely lost their minds, and therefore thought that the medicine of a beautiful color and taste was not good.

The father then thought: “What a pity these sons are! The poison entered them so much that their thoughts were disturbed. Although they were glad to see me and asked to save them, they did not dare to drink such a good medicine. Now I will truly come up with a trick to induce them drink this medicine. " And he immediately said these words: “You must know that I am weak, old and the time is approaching for my death. Now I am leaving here this is a good medicine. You must take and drink it. And do not be afraid, it will not do any harm.”

Having done this teaching, he again went to a foreign country and sent a messenger from there to say: "Father is dead!" At this time, the sons, hearing that the father had died, were very saddened and thought: “If the father was alive, he would have pity on us and could save and protect us. Now he left us and died in a distant foreign land. If you think about it, we are orphans and we have no support. " The sons were constantly in sorrow, but finally their thoughts cleared up. They realized that the color, smell and taste of the medicine is beautiful, drank it, and everyone was cured of poisoning. Their father, hearing that his sons had recovered, returned so that each of them could see him. Good sons! What do you think of it? Can anyone say that this good doctor committed a crime by tricking them? "

"No, World Honored!"

Buddha said: “And it is the same with me. Since I became Buddha, innumerable hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands have passed, who have been singing asamkhya kalpas, and for the sake of sentient beings, I said with the help of a trick that I truly disappeared. And no no one who could say that when viewed from the side of the Dharma, I made a mistake by deceiving them. "

At this time, the World-Honored One, wishing to once again clarify the meaning of what was said, said the gatha:

"Since I became a Buddha,

Countless hundreds, thousands have passed

Tens of thousands, koti asamkhya kalp.

Preaching the Dharma forever

I taught and converted innumerable cats

Living creatures

And brought them to the Path of Buddha.

Countless kalps have passed since then.

In order to lead sentient beings to liberation

With the help of tricks, I revealed to Nirvana,

But really didn’t disappear,

And stayed here forever

And preached the Dharma.

Although I am forever here

By the power of divine "insights"

I make myself invisible to living things

With an inverted consciousness

Although I'm always there.

Living beings, seeing my disappearance,

Sharira offerings are widely made.

They are all driven by desire

And awaken hope in their hearts.

If sentient beings gain faith and humility,

Become simple, sincere in thoughts

And all, as one, desiring to see the Buddha,

For the sake of this, they will not spare the body and life,

Then I will appear with the monks

On the Mount of the Holy Eagle

And I will tell all living things

That I am forever here and not disappearing.

By the power of tricks

I reveal my disappearance or disappearance.

If there are living entities in other lands,

Who worship me

Believe me and rejoice

Then I will also preach among them

Upper limit Dharma.

You have not heard her

And you only think that I disappeared.

I see sentient beings

Submerged in a sea of ​​misery

So I don’t show them myself

And I cultivate hope in them.

And when they find this hope in their hearts,

I go out and preach the Dharma.

Such is the power of my divine "insights."

During asamkhya kalp,

I dwell forever on the mountain of the Holy Eagle

And also in other places.

At a time when living things see

That the kalpa is exhausted

And everything burns in great fire

In my land, peace and quiet

She is forever filled with gods and people

The palaces in the gardens and groves are majestically decorated

Various jewels

There are many flowers and fruits on the trees of jewels,

Living things have fun and rejoice

The gods hit the drums of heaven

And they always play music

Raining Mandara Buddha Flowers

And also a great congregation.

My Pure Land will never be destroyed

But it seems to everyone that she’s on fire,

What sorrows fill her

And various misery.

These sentient beings,

Because of bad karma they will not hear

Even the names are Three Treasures,

Even if asamkhya kalp pass.

But those who follow virtues

Who is soft, calm and sincere,

See my body

They will see that I am here

And preaching the Dharma.

I sometimes tell them

That the life span of a Buddha is innumerable.

Those who have not seen the Buddha for a long time,

I say that it’s difficult to meet the Buddha.

Such is the power of my knowledge!

The light of my wisdom is unlimited.

My life goes on countless calps

Because for a long time I have been following newfound karma.

For those of you who have knowledge,

There should be no doubt about this.

Verily interrupt them

And exhaust them forever!

Buddha's words are true, non-empty.

Like a doctor who, having come up with a good trick,

He said that he died, although he was alive,

To cure his distraught sons,

I didn’t say empty words

So am I, the father of the world,

Who saves from all suffering

I tell ordinary people

That put everything upside down

What has disappeared, although in fact

I am in this world.

Because they constantly see me,

Intentions are born in them to offend me.

They go lower and lower

Become attached to the five desires

And fall on the bad paths.

I always know which of the living beings

Follows the Way and does not follow the Way

Verily, following the path leading to salvation,

I am teaching them various teachings.

Every moment I think:

"How do I make living things

Entered the Upper-Limit Path

And quickly gained the body of the Buddha? "

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