Kailash Mandala

The classical mandala is a symbolic depiction of the Universe as the pure land of Enlightened beings (Buddhas), in the center of which is the sacred mountain Meru - the abode of the Creator, called Adi Buddha, and on the sides all worlds of Buddhist cosmology are displayed. This mystical diagram of the Worlds is a circle inscribed in a square, which, in turn, is inscribed in a circle.

The outer circle is the Universe, the inner circle is the world of deities, bodhisattvas, buddhas. Sometimes the images of buddhas and deities are replaced by images of their root symbols, syllables, whose sounds express the dimensions of these deities. Buddhas, bodhisattvas and gods keep the enlightened activity of these creatures, their abilities. This ability is associated with one or another of the five wisdom, symbolically expressed by color and location on the mandala. The five depicted Buddhas or Bodhisattvas symbolize the unity of the five wisdom, as symbols of spiritual Awakening.

The mandala has a center and four directions corresponding to the cardinal points. Dhyani Buddhas are located in the center and on each of the main sides of the mandala. The square of the mandala, oriented to the cardinal points, has T-shaped exits on each side - the gate to the Universe. The square field is divided into four parts. The fifth part is the center.

Kailash complex is a huge natural mandala. It has a center (peak) associated with a giant world column connecting our physical world with the heavens of the spiritual world and its cosmic basis - Adi-Buddha. The top of the mountain is the first body of the Buddha - svabhavikakaya. The Kailash Mandala also has a square (the base of the mountain), whose Faces (walls) are oriented to the four cardinal points, and also have T-shaped outlets (approaches) to their planes. These four Persons have their own color and their primary energy element. They are also associated with one of the Dhyani Buddhas, manifesting themselves as the Second Body of the Dharmakaya Buddha.

Further from its center, a unique natural mandala is represented by eight mountains directly adjacent to Kailash. So many mountains are a kind of continuation of Kailash. In the south - two shoulder-crests of the inner mountain and Nandi. In the west - two shoulder-crests covering the Closed Valley at the Western Face of Kailash. In the north - Vajrapani, Chenrezi. In the east - a stone mirror of the Valley of Life and Death. They minifest with themselves the Third body of Buddha - sambhogakaya.

These "shoulders" of Kailash form eight Sacred Valleys:

  1. East Valley of the inner crust;
  2. Western valley of the inner crust;
  3. Valley between the western ridge of the inner crust and the Closed Valley at the Western Face of Kailash;
  4. Closed Valley at the Western Face of Kailash;
  5. Valley between Mount Vajrapani and the Closed Valley;
  6. Valley at the North Face of Kailash;
  7. Symmetric Valley;
  8. Mirror of the Valley of Life and Death.

The outer circle of the giant mandala is the deep valleys of the rivers surrounding this entire fantastic complex. It is associated with the inhabited Universe, and it is along it that the route of the outer crust passes. Here the fourth body of the Buddha is "spilled" - Nirmanakaya.

Note that the central part of the Kailash Mandala is an eight-petalled lotus, in the center of which is the holy Kailash.

There is an opinion that the Kailash Mandala is a unique mirror-pyramidal complex that receives cosmic energy-information flows descending to Earth, transforming them, as well as radiating flows coming from the Earth. This is a powerful transmit-receive space antenna, tuned, inter alia, to the characteristic size of the Earth (the height is a multiple of the polar radius of the planet). We can say that this is a matrix of the energy-informational structure of the Universe and man, created in nature, created by nature, appearing as its likeness or fractal (part). The holistic mechanism of the universe, working on our planet!

In the Kailash Mandala, the structure of our world is fully manifested. We can say that it is a projection of the structure of a multidimensional and infinite Universe in our three-dimensional world. The tremendous value of this is that everything manifested is miraculous, created by Nature herself, the Creator himself millions of years ago, preserving the deepest volume of unique universal information.

Kailash carries certain vibrations that allow you to activate a person’s energy centers, “tune and fine-tune” his dense and subtle bodies and significantly accelerate spiritual development.

If you look at the satellite image of the entire Kailash mountain knot, you can easily see that it stands out sharply in its forms from the surrounding mountain formations. Kailash knot looks like an intricate ligature of mountain ranges of the same height. It looks like a pattern that the Great Seal of the Eastern Lord leaves on the hot wax.

No matter how many millennia pass, the mandala of the Seal of the Creator is unchanged in time. Human civilizations have changed and will change, but the Code of laws of their lives remains the same. The main thing in it is to follow the path of spiritual perfection in order to comprehend the Universal wisdom and the evolution of one's Essence.

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