15 wonders of Buddha

Soon after the Buddha began to preach his teachings, he had many disciples. Six ascetic monks, who were left by the disciples who became followers of the Buddha, hated him for this and began to publicly taunt Teacher, showing others miracles to prove their innocence. Buddha did not pay attention to them, but one day his disciples asked him to shame these false teachers, who only caused evil andspeace Buddha agreed. A place was chosen - Shravasti, where he performed his 15 miracles: one miracle per day.

On the first day of the first spring month, he stuck his toothpick into the ground, and a huge tree grew out of it, blocking the entire sky, the Sun and the Moon, with a crown. Huge fruits hung on the branches of a tree, like vessels containing five buckets of water.

On the second day, with a wave of the hand, Buddha created high mountains on both sides of himself with fruit trees growing on them. On the right hand of the Buddha, people gathered and ate these wonderful fruits, and on the left hand herds grazed.

On the third day, Buddha rinsed his mouth with water and spat out this water on the ground. The water immediately turned into a beautiful lake, in which huge lotuses bloomed, filling their entire area with their fragrance.

On the fourth day, by the will of Buddha, a loud voice came from the lake, which was preaching the Holy Teaching of Buddha.

On the fifth day, the Buddha smiled, and from his smile the light spread in three thousand worlds. All who fell upon this light became blessed.

On the sixth day, all the followers of Buddha knew each other's thoughts and learned about the retribution that awaits them in the future for perfect virtues and transgressions.

On the seventh day, the Buddha appeared before his disciples, surrounded by kings and rulers of the whole world, who, along with their associates, gave him praise and honors. All this time, the false teachers were completely powerless to perform any miracle, their thoughts were confused, their tongues were numb, their feelings were suppressed.

On the eighth day, the Buddha touched the throne on which he was sitting with his right hand, and five fierce monsters appeared in front of him: they began to destroy the seats of the false teachers, and the appeared deity Vajrapani drove the apostates with his vajra - a formidable weapon, like lightning. After that, 91 thousand admirers of false teachers went over to the side of Buddha.

On the ninth day, Buddha appeared before the inhabitants of all worlds who had grown up to heaven and preaching the Teaching.

On the tenth day, Buddha became visible simultaneously in all the kingdoms of the material world and preached his Teaching in them.

On the eleventh day, the body of the Buddha turned into light, which filled with its radiance thousands of worlds.

On the twelfth day, a golden ray came out of the body of Buddha, which illuminated the kingdoms of three thousand worlds. All who were touched by this light were imbued with the Teaching of Buddha.

On the thirteenth day, the Buddha emitted two rays from the navel, which rose to the height of seven fathoms; each ray was crowned with a lotus flower. Then on these lotuses appeared reflections of the Buddha, which also emitted two beams ending in lotuses - and the reflections of Buddha appeared on them. This continued until lotuses and Buddhas filled the entire universe.

On the fourteenth day, Buddha with a wave of his hand created a huge chariot that reached the world of the gods. Many similar chariots formed from it, and in each of them was a reflection of the Buddha. The radiance emanating from these reflections filled the worlds with light.

On the fifteenth day, Buddha filled with food all the vessels that were in the city. The food in each vessel was different in taste and people enjoyed it with pleasure.

Then the Buddha touched the earth with his hand: the earth opened up and everyone saw hell, in which the souls of those who sought to receive only pleasure from life suffered. Those who saw the torments of hell were embarrassed, and the Buddha continued to preach to the gathered people his Doctrine.

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