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The VIVO website was created so that a potential owner could find the perfect pet in a few minutes, given its age, gender, coping ability and even character. All VIVO wards are animals from shelters, and in order to dispel human fear and distrust of dogs not from breeding kennels, we decided to tell one of hundreds of happy stories about the accommodation.

Sergey and Tatyana turned to us in the spring of 2016. They were looking for a "young and promising", serious dog - the Central Asian Shepherd. Sergey, a former dog handler, understood and was ready for all the features and complexities of the breed. And on the same day the “same” dog was found - Ron, who had been picked up in the past on a street with a fragmented basin and unable to move on all paws, was hit by a car and left by volunteers (in the singer’s photo - the day they found him), now healthy and active, that evening finally found a home. And now, after a while, we contacted Tatyana to find out a little more about their history and how things are now.

- Before that, we had dogs and all the big ones: a Rottweiler, a Moscow guard, a collie. We generally love dogs. And here they wanted Alabai, but the fact is that financially - two pensioners, could not pull, so to speak. And when our daughters were our guests, we expressed such a wish, they suggested - and you do not want to take from the shelter? We thought it over, began to search on the Internet, initially we wanted it before six months, in the end it turned out to be older ...

“There were no problems on this basis? I remember, you were looking for a completely puppy from the very beginning, but you took a bred one already”

- First of all, we initially agreed with the curators of Ron that if suddenly there are any problems, they come and pick him up themselves. (Now almost all shelters and volunteer teams give dogs on such conditions - approx. Volunteer). Problems ... Well, the usual difficulties with all young dogs. The dog is active, strong, I didn’t see it a bit - once, literally a few days after it appeared with us, on a walk, Ron pulled the leash, I fell, hit hard enough. But it was my fault, I had to be careful. Still, Alabai is a serious dog, and an approach to it is needed.

"Wow, was that an isolated case?"

- Yes, everything is fine, the husband is now engaged in his training twice a day, he teaches the main teams "to me", "stand" and so on.

"But, in principle, it was immediately clear that the dog would take root, that it was your pet?"

“You know, yes.” Initially, we were asked to send photos of the enclosure, territory, fence (Curators often do this to know in what conditions their ward will live, - approx. Volunteer). Then they sent us a photo of Ron, the red-haired handsome man, we simply could not refuse, it was clear that this was “ours”. And even when he then got off the leash and ran somewhere all night, in the morning Ron himself came to the house. I walked near the closed gates, waiting for us.

"Already knew where to return?"

- Now he already understands that this is his house, that they feed and drink here, it is safe and calm here. At first, Ron, however, was wary.

"Well, that can be understood."

“Of course, but now he is already walking around, comfortable and comfortable.” And we are very satisfied!

"I just wanted to ask if you regret it now, but you got ahead of me!"

- No, that you do not regret even once, this is already our dog. And he treats the children very well, I even have a photograph in which our 3-year-old grandson hugs him for a walk. Everything is wonderful, everything is beautiful!

"Thank you very much, I think it will be useful for people to find out your story"

- You are welcome, goodbye.

The story of Ron is just an example of the fact that in the shelter you can find a great friend, for free and for life. And this choice - requires responsibility and bestowal, willingness to care and love the tamed animal, in response to its absolute devotion.

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