Memo to the 7th Yoga Journal

November 22-24
design factory FLACON
Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya St., 36 Building 2

Contacts: [email protected]; phone + 7 (495) 232 32 00, add. 4467 (Ekaterina Bataeva)

Registration for classes and ticket purchase: //

Conference Participant Memo

Can I attend any classes as part of a paid day? Yes, you can attend any master classes as part of a paid day.

Is meals included in the price of the Conference ticket?
No, meals are not included in the ticket price. You can visit the catering area of ​​the Fresh Vegetarian Restaurant, organized for the guests of the Conference at the FLACON Design Factory.

Does the Yoga Journal help you stay at the Conference?
No, we do not provide accommodation services.

What do I need to bring with me?
• Passport
• Payment (if you paid with a Sberbank receipt)
!!! If you paid with a credit card and the name specified during registration on the website does not coincide with the name of the payer (name and surname indicated on the credit card), please inform us in advance by writing to [email protected] (with note in the subject line of the letter “Re-registration”).
• Your yoga mat and what you regularly use during practice (such as a towel or plaid). If you can’t bring a rug with you or forget it, then you can purchase everything you need in the market area at the Conference venue.
If you are going to Ana Forrest classes, you need to take: water, a belt, a brick, 1 rug or a blanket.
!!! Remember to take replacement shoes.
For the guests of the Conference, a wardrobe for outerwear and locker rooms (male and female) will be organized, where you can change into comfortable clothes for practice. Please note that the organizers of the Conference and the FLACON Design Factory are not responsible for the safety of your belongings.

Will I get any certificate?
Yes, each guest of the Conference (regardless of the number of classes attended) receives a certificate confirming participation in the VII International Yoga Journal Conference.

Can I take photos and videos?
Yes, you can shoot with the approval of Yoga Journal staff. Contact Ekaterina Bataeva: [email protected]

Can I refuse to participate after payment?
No, after registering for classes and paying, you cannot receive a refund, but you can re-arrange your participation for another person. Valentina Golovkina will help on all issues of renewal: [email protected]

Where can I park my car?
Parking spaces in the territory of the FLACON design factory are paid: the first hour - 50 rubles, the next - 100 rubles.

Can I pay for only one class?
No, you can pay 1, 2 or 3 days.

I bought a ticket on Friday, but I can only come on Saturday. Can I change the day of the visit?
Yes, you can change the day, for this you need to write to Valentina Golovkina: [email protected] and wait for her response with confirmation.

What time do I need to be in place?
You need to come to the class 20 minutes before the start in order to have time to register, get a bracelet and change clothes.

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