The mobility of a cordless vacuum cleaner - the efficiency of a full-size vacuum cleaner

The Dyson V6 Total Clean is the most efficient cordless vacuum cleaner in the new Dyson V6 range.

The Dyson V6 Total Clean combines all the key technologies in the Dyson V6 range of cordless vacuum cleaners for more efficient collection of dust and debris. He cope with all kinds of dust and dirt without much effort, while maintaining maximum mobility during use. An effective filtration system fights the fine dust particles that are always present in our home.

At the heart of all the cordless vacuum cleaners in the new Dyson range is the digitally controlled Dyson V6 engine. It is he who guarantees the Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners extraordinary power combined with unrivaled compactness and mobility. Thanks to this, Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners are convenient for cleaning the car and any surfaces in the house - from carpet to ceiling.

James Dyson: “We have invested more than ₤ 250 million in the development of our patented engine, which rotates at speeds of up to 110,000 rpm. Due to its specific power, our devices remain compact and mobile, have exceptional suction power.”

The Dyson V6 Total Clean comes with two innovative nozzles that handle all types of dirt.

The Dyson Fluffy nozzle collects both large debris and fine dust.

Problem. Large debris or microscopic dust? Most vacuum cleaners can handle only one type of dirt, leaving either dust or debris in hard to reach places.

Solution. Dyson engineers completely redesigned the traditional nozzle. Now the Dyson Fluffy nozzle, instead of the usual hard bristles across the entire width, is equipped with a shaft covered with soft nylon material and carbon fiber bristles. Large debris is trapped in soft material and sucked in by a vacuum cleaner, and thin carbon fiber bristles remove fine dust.

A nozzle equipped with a direct drive motor is 75% more powerful

Problem. Small particles of rubbish and stains often penetrate deep into the pile of the carpet: this is the dirt brought by children after playing on the street, and rubbish accidentally scattered by a very emotional guest. Often, vacuum cleaners can not remove stubborn dirt, limited only to surface cleaning. Thus, the pile of the carpet becomes an excellent shelter for dust and dirt.

Solution. A nozzle equipped with a direct drive motor is 75% more powerful than the nozzle from the previous generation of Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners. Additional power of the Dyson V6 Total Clean engine allows you to remove small debris that penetrates deep into the pile of the carpet.

Effective filtration - HEPA filtering helps trap the smallest dust particles.

Problem. Microscopic dust often gets from the vacuum cleaner back to the house. Suspended dust particles in the air can settle on all surfaces in your home.

Solution. Dyson engineers added a HEPA filter to the Dyson V6 Total Clean, which allows the vacuum cleaner to efficiently capture the smallest dust particles.

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