Fifth International Conference "Our Yoga" 2015

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November 06
November 6 - 8
4200 - 8300 rub.

What is yoga? Just a fashionable hobby or something more? Everyone has his own answer. Yoga is a conscious choice of a healthy lifestyle, it is a constant desire for self-improvement. Yoga is power, flexibility and balance. Yoga is the joy of life. And what is yoga for you?

You can find your answer at the annual Conference "Our Yoga", held in the yoga center "Prana" on Timiryazevskaya. The conference will be held from November 6 to 8, it will be unforgettable three days! Deep practices, interesting and useful lectures are waiting for you, and for beginners, the course "First Steps in Yoga" will be held for free.

The conference "Our Yoga" is being held for the fifth time and gathers the best of the best in all areas of yoga, without going into endless debates about "whose yoga is better." Her guests are the most outstanding teachers in the post-Soviet space.

The conference "Our Yoga" covers many interesting styles and directions - and, as a result, during these 3 days you will have the opportunity to plunge into the flows of various practices presented by the most famous and worthy yoga teachers. Special guests this year will be Stephanie Walsh “Santoshi,” a certified senior teacher (Level 3) of TriYogi from America.

The levels of classes vary from zero (within the framework of the conference free master classes "First Steps in Yoga" are organized) to advanced (within the framework of the Conference there are enough classes for teachers). There will be many interesting lectures closely intertwined with practice.

List of conference participants:
Santoshi Stef Walsh, Lappa Andrey, Zenchenko Anatoly, Agapkin Sergey, Garzenstein Leonid, Frolov Artyom, Taishev Alexander, Zaenchkovsky Denis, Zhuravlev Ilya, Evseev Alexander, Illarionova Tatyana, Gutsalyuk Vyacheslav, many Konstantinov Mikhail, Galaev Mikhail, Kulikova Anna others!

Attending a conference is a great alternative to celebrating “as always”. Come November 6-8 at the yoga center “Prana” on Timiryazevskaya! Do not miss the important yoga event of the year!

A detailed schedule, program, as well as the cost of the event can be found on the website

Watch the video: The Fifth International Conference on Shi'i Studies 2019 (February 2020).

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