Bioenergy session of I. Dunaevsky

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October 31
14:00 - 15:00
900 rub

Bioenergotherapist, psychic, healer with 20 years of practice Ilya Dunaevsky will hold a massive bioenergy session. At the session, you will be able to test your sensitivity to energy effects, to understand how this can affect your body, body and psychological state.

By popular demand, a group session will be held on October 31, at which everyone can fit. At this session, I.V. Dunaevsky will personally talk about his method and conduct a bioenergy session directly.

You will get the opportunity:

  • Test your sensitivity to bioenergy exposure
  • More deeply feel yourself and your body
  • Assess the extent and outcome of the primary interaction.

Most often - according to reviews - the sensations may be such: stabilization of blood pressure, improvement of the psychological state - there is no trace of depression and tension. There are interesting sensations in the body, lightness, airiness, etc.

Difficulty Level: Suitable for everyone


Watch the video: Bio-Energy Healing (February 2020).

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